Consulting on digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation is a rethinking of the way people, data and company processes interact. It is not only the automation of existing business processes, but also changing established practices using modern digital technologies. Successful transformation requires defining a digital transformation strategy for the company’s business model, business processes, products and culture.

With many years of experience in implementing organizational and informational changes, digital transformation consulting agency offers a range of organizational consulting services for the successful digital transformation of your company.

Service options

Comprehensive analysis of business processes

Analyze existing business processes, form a process model, identify bottlenecks and offer options for re-engineering and digital transformation

Shaping the strategy of digital transformation

Evaluate the current and from the target digital state of the company. Determine the areas and priorities in which changes need to be made. Create a program of digitalization projects

Implementing changes

We’ll develop and implement organizational and regulatory documentation, train employees, and support the transition to the new model of work during the digital transformation of the company

Methodological support and consulting

Provide independent professional support from experienced consultants in the implementation of organizational and information changes


The readiness of a company’s staff to use digital technology is paramount to digital transformation. It is impossible to conduct the process of digital transformation without the readiness, and preferably the passion of employees for new technologies, without an understanding of the possibilities and prospects of digital solutions. Unfortunately, we often have to deal with situations where high-tech solution projects are pumped up by the supply of equipment. In today’s world, this is a fundamentally wrong approach. 

The knowledge and readiness of staff to use technology is key to the effectiveness of the process. We recommend in digital transformation projects to plan about 10% – 20% of the budget for employee training. Consulting agency services include development of retraining plans and plans for continuous professional development for staff, solving problems of internal resistance to new technologies, conducting all cycles of knowledge and skills updating courses or creating corporate academies and training portals.