Convert JPG to PDF Online Fast and Easy with PDFBear

You can compress a JPG image up to a tenth of the original size and still have the right quality image. This feature of JPG makes it a favorite format for photographers. Smaller size images with good quality are ideal for image sharing through the internet.

On the other hand, a PDF is a document format that displays text, photos, and other objects on pages that are in non-editable form. It is accessible in most electronic devices regardless of the operating system. You can view your PDF using a PDF reader offline or online. Using an internet browser, you can also view a PDF file. This PDF feature makes it one of the most versatile document formats. If you have multiple JPG images and you want to save them into one file format, you can save it as a PDF. You can add jpg to pdf through PDFBear.

Steps to Convert Your JPG Images to PDF

Search for PDFBear in your browser. As soon as you land their website, look for the JPG to PDF icon. Click the icon, and the conversion page will open. Now you can start converting. The process is fast and straightforward. The things you need are an internet connection, a web browser, and the images you want to convert.

1. Since PDFBear is an online PDF converter, you should upload your files. Click on the Select files or drag and drop the images in the conversion box. Please wait while the files are uploading to their server.

2. Choose the available options.

3. Click on Convert and wait while PDFBear is converting your files.

4. You can choose to download your PDF file on your device or save it in your cloud storage.

Advantages of using PDFBear JPG to PDF Converter

Fast and Simple conversion process

PDFBear has made all its conversion tools easy to use. You can convert your files in a minute or two by following the straightforward instructions.

Images have SSL encryption

Since PDFBear is an online platform and many have access to the internet, PDFBear makes sure that all photos you upload to their server will be secure. It gives you peace of mind in doing tasks online.

Multiple Image Uploads

If you have finished uploading your JPG files and forgot something, you can still add images. PDFBear converter can work with various files.

Compatible with Any Platform

You can use PDFBear on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It will work in any operating system and web browser, meaning you can use an Android, Mac, or Windows device.

Support many image formats

PDFBear can convert different pictures to PDF, including TIFF, GIF, PBM, BMP, and PNG files.

Accessible Anywhere

Since PDFBear is an online platform, you can access it anywhere you are. Whether you are at home, at school, or at work, you can use PDFBear, and it is 100% free.

Online vs. Offline PDF Converter

Here is a brief comparison between an online and offline converter so you can decide which best suits your needs.

  • You can access online converters anywhere. While with an offline converter, you need to download it first then install it on your device. Offline takes up space on your device, and you have to ensure that your device operating system is compatible.
  • Regarding the speed conversion speed, there are factors to consider. If you are using an online tool, you have to upload the files online. The process will be faster if you have a fast internet connection. With an offline tool, you don’t need to upload your files. You can convert directly from your device.
  • The confidentiality and safety of your files is a top priority. The online converter has a higher risk when you talk about the safety of your files. It is through the world wide web that hackers can access your files. However, working offline doesn’t guarantee the security of your files. You can disconnect from the internet to avoid this risk. On the other hand, PDFBear ensures that all the files you upload and download from their server have SSL encryption and are free from computer viruses.


Converting your JPG images to PDF makes your pictures organized while preserving the quality. It is a reliable PDF converter that you can use anywhere you are. You can enjoy their services for free. It only takes four steps, and your converted JPG to PDF file is ready. Online converters have their advantages and disadvantages. You can weigh, which works well for you. For an online PDF converter, PDFBear is the best you can find. Try it out now for all your document needs. You’ll never look for any other converter tools after using PDFBear because it has it all for you. Go and give it a go!