cPanel VPS Hosting for Beginners

In this continually evolving world of web hosting, VPS has appeared as a favored option. That offers more control and resources than any hosting such as Shared Hosting. 

When it comes to handling the VPS, cPanel vps hosting with cpanel VPS stands out as one of the versatile control panels. cPanel handles many tasks like creating email addresses, scheduling data backup, and installing WordPress.

With root access to the finest cheap vps with cpanel, advanced users can install and configure software, modify server hosting settings, and optimize performance.

So basically DedicatedCore control panel is the key factor for your VPS hosting that’s why DomainRacer cPanel VPS hosting is the mandatory part to understand. This article will help you to understand its necessity and work briefly.

What is cPanel?

cPanel stands for “Control Panel”. It is the most user-friendly and versatile hosting that controls everything. It comes with many important features. It allows you to manage your website, domain, files, and other database easily.

That’s why vps hosting cPanel is the leading control panel in the web hosting industry. 

Built on the Linux operating system, this reseller reasonable pricing with cpanel solution offers a stable, secure, and scalable platform for managing multiple websites under a single account.

It is a front-end doorway that authorizes you to interact with the web server. It is even used to perform various key tasks with your website. Without cPanel it is very hard to manage all websites with a single person.

That’s why almost every web hosting provider offers managed vps with cPanel as an option for your website. Also, many companies give cPanel as the only support control panel software as DomainRacer gives.. cPanel is mainly used for Linux-based hosting platforms. 

If you would ever want a Windows-based web server, then you have to go with a control panel named Plesk. cPanel is actually a featured-rich graphical interface that is based on Linux OS.

What is VPS?

A VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”. VPS is a crucial part of the hosting service. It is virtualized within a physical server and gives users dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage.

A VPS offers greater control and scalability over other hostings. Because it gives all the tools and spaces dedicatedly to the customer. Users can install software, customize all settings, and even choose their own operating system.

To get a superior image of the comfort to utilize best VPS French, take a look at its economical expenses.

It acts as a solo, virtual environment on a physical server, which is managed by the web hosting provider. This technology divides a single physical machine into multiple private server environment that shares resources.

That’s why VPS is dedicated to businesses that need their own server to handle their data and business without negotiating with the resources. DedicatedCore makes sure your business runs smoothly with its cPanel VPS hosting service.

Benefits of Using cPanel VPS Hosting

There are tons of benefits of using cPanel hosting for your business, 

1 User-Friendly Interface

Its interface has been made by the kingpin in mind of users’ experience. In simple words, it is a graphical representation of server functions. That makes it accessible to everyone even for those who have no technical expertise.

If you are a beginner then you can easily set up your website, manage domains, and configure email accounts smoothly.

2 Security Measurements

Managing security for any business is a crucial part, and in an online business, there are tremendous cyber attacks that happen regularly. 

To stay away from those attacks and hackers DedicatedCore cPanel offers tools like SSL/TLS management. It helps in blocking the IP, and firewall configuration to enhance server security.

It even gives regular updates about your security vulnerabilities that are promptly addressed.

3 Database Management

There are many database systems like MySQL, and PostgreSQL available and cPAnel supports all the popular databases. If the user wishes to, then he can manage, create, and modify databases through the interface. 

This is mainly useful for websites that are held by CMS like WordPress.

 4 Website Management

cPanels file manager enables easy file editing, uploading, and deleting. There is no extra need for external FTP software. Users can simplify various tasks such as managing FTP accounts, configuring backups, and creating domains.

5 Email Configuration

With cPanel users can create and customize many email addresses associated with their domain. Configuring spam filters and setting up autoresponders are easy to do from the cPanel dashboard. 

That’s why setting up an email account with cPanel is super easy.

Setting Up cPanel VPS Hosting

Choosing VPS Provider

First, look for all your possible ways to get the best performed VPS hosting provider. Check for their performance, service, features, tools, and support while starting with VPS hosting.

As per the study DomainRacer and DedicatedCore are the best suites for any business. They have cPanel as their hosting plan. You can take it as an option or inbuilt also.

Server Configuration

As you deal with the VPS provider, the second step is you need to configure your server. This involves selecting an operating system such as CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian and specifying resource allocations. 

Most VPS suppliers offer different plans based on your resource’s needs. DedicatedCore offers its best version with multiple operating systems.

cPanel Installation

DomainRacer provides a one-click cPanel installation to simplify the setup process. Once you install cPanel you will receive login credentials to access your cPanel dashboard.

Initial Setup

You will get guided when you install and receive the credentials to set up the process. If you haven’t set up, create your email account or set up a domain, then with their support team you will initiate your website.

Tips for Effective cPanel VPS Hosting

Stay Updated: Always be up to date to use the latest features and security patches. Your operating system needs to be the latest to stay in the business.

Regular Backup: To ensure your data is safe and sound in case of hardware failure or accidental deletion you need to set up automated backup.

Security Policy: Make sure you write strong passwords that enable two-factor authentication. 

Resources Monitoring: To prevent performance issues keep an eye on resource uses. Optimize your server’s configuration as your website traffic grows.

Customer Support: If you ever have any technical issue then make your provider have a talented and experienced support team. DedicatedCore has 5* customer support to help their customers.


In the new world of VPS hosting for beginners, cPanel offers an approachable and powerful solution. It helps to get many useful features that manage the VPS hosting more easily.

It can ease for the people who don’t have any technical knowledge. DedicatedCore will help you in any way as you are either a technical person or a non-technical person. Also, if you choose DomainRacer then you can find the support as well as the pocket-friendly budget with many features.