Creation Community for MLBB

The mlbb creation community (MCC) by MOONTON offers many exciting chances for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans who want to create content. Campers may win free diamond awards, special access, and direct communication with game creators every week, regardless of their level. 

MCC offers several tools, seminars, and networking possibilities. ChooxTV and Akosi Dogie, two industry giants, lead. Joining is as simple as participating in online activities and creating material based on new game characters or skins. 

You must follow the event’s rules and use the hashtags to enter a drawing for a limitless supply of diamonds. With this fantastic opportunity, you may join the active Mobile Legends community and improve your creative career!

Get free diamonds with mlbb creation community

Moonton created the MLBB Creator Base to help Bang Bang content producers produce high-quality content. The mlbb creation community receives tools, resources, and guidance from machine learning leaders Akosi Dogie and ChooxTV.

Users may get help from official Mobile Legends social media accounts, access to other prominent content providers, and exclusive goodies. You may meet Mobile Legends content makers and grow your audience at the event.

Are you excited to create (MLBB) content? You may boost your creativity and get free diamonds by participating in MOONTON’s creation community (MCC). Content creators may learn from MLBB’s developers, get instant benefits, and enhance their abilities by participating in the MCC.

What is mlbb creation community (MCC)?

The mlbb creation community lets creators engage and get in-game rewards. Artists may network, get MLB’s social media help, and, most excitingly, get weekly free diamond incentives at the creative camp.

Additionally, the MLBB MCC has no entry requirements. You must love the game and be a great storyteller to make amazing videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

The mlbb creation community website offers instruction for players. The Creator Academy offers content creation tutorials in this area. These classes include video capture, editing, and event material.

How do I join MCC for free diamonds?

Joining the MLBB MCC requires various steps. It will regularly update the mlbb creation community webpage with recommended activities. These events generally highlight a new character or skin. Players may win diamonds by creating content about the latest skin or hero.

Just select an event for information. When uploading the footage, remember that all events are time-sensitive. MOONTON provides content guidelines for each event. Carefully following these procedures will increase your chances of getting a free diamond.

Post mlbb creation community content with the right hashtags. The event website lists these hashtags. The material must be released after production is complete.

Remember to include your character’s and server’s IDs in the description. Return to the event page and click “Participate Now” after submitting your documents. Then, provide the item URL and your personal information.


The mlbb creation community is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for game enthusiasts who love creating content. Creators may network, learn, and gain free diamonds every week. 

MOONTON, the game’s designers, say joining is as simple as attending events and contributing new material. You must follow the rules and use the right hashtags to acquire those precious stones. 

Any machine learning enthusiast may play in this massive playground. Thus, if you love Mobile Legends and want to meet other fans, visit the Community Center. Join up and let your creativity soar!