Crucial Information about Rotator Cuff Injuries

The hand is one of the critical parts of the body since it carries out most activities. However, these activities increase the risk of suffering from injuries. For example, people have been suffering from rotator cuff injuries due to a series of lifting or moving the hand. The person suffers pain when lifting an object or carrying out movements that affect the joints, such as raising the hand. Fair Lawn rotator cuff repair is the best solution if you suffer from the condition. This is crucial information that everyone should understand regarding rotator cuff damage.


The condition is usually caused by;

·         Acute injury

·         Wear and tear at the joint

·         Overuse

Individuals with high cases of injury

Even though everyone can suffer from the injury, these factors can increase the risk of suffering;

·         Age. The risk increases with age. For instance, it is usually familiar with people over the age of 60 years.

·         Certain sports. Some sports increase the risk of injury. For instance, athletes in rugby, tennis, wrestling, and baseball, weightlifting sports frequently suffer from the condition.

·         Certain occupations. Some jobs that require repetitive overhead arms can increase the risk of damage. These occupations are carpenters, traffic police, and painters.

·         Family history. Some genetic components can increase the risk of injury. For instance, some families have experienced a series of these injuries more than others.

Diagnosis of rotator cuff injury

The specialist can diagnose the condition by;

·         Carrying out the imaging scans

·         Taking the patients’ medical history

·         Carrying out the individual’s physical exam, such as strength tests.

·         Carrying out range motions tests.

Treatments for the injury

The following are the treatments that can help the individual recover.

·         Physical therapy.

·         Use cold and hot packs on the shoulder to reduce instances of shoulder swelling.

·         Using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen

·         Through injecting the injured area using cortisone to reduce the inflammation.

·         Carry out exercises that boost hands’ motion and strength.

·         Rest the injured area and wear the sling to isolate the arm’s movements.

Home care activities

The following are the activities that can help to reduce the pain in the shoulder.

·         Maintaining the correct posture when sitting

·         Stretching the hand after activities.

·         Avoid carrying the bag using one side.

·         Take repetitive breaks when carrying out activities.

·         Minimize the instances of lifting your hand over your head during the day.

·         Avoid sleeping on one side every time.

·         Carry the objects close to your body.

Rotator Cuff Surgeries

The following are the standard surgeries carried to the patient;

·         Open Surgery. This is one of the oldest surgeries. In this surgery, the specialist will carry out a large opening and conventional surgical tools to correct the damaged tendon or muscle tissue.

·         Arthroscopic Surgery. The specialist uses arthroscopy with a small incision to repair tissues in this surgery. Its advantage is that it reduces the time required for healing.

·         Mini-Open Surgery. It’s a combination of arthroscopic and open surgery tools.

Most people who suffer from rotator cuff injuries cannot carry out basic activities. If you are an individual looking for a place to correct your condition, Alliance Spine Associates is the best place for you. It has a team of specialists who have carried out a series of successful surgeries. Visit the facility today and join the patients who have attained full recovery.