Debunking the Common Blepharoplasty Myths

As people age, their skin is likely to undergo a series of transformations, such as sagging around the person’s eyelid. This transformation affects the person’s appearance affecting their self-esteem. Moreover, there are other instances where it can affect their eyesight, prompting them to seek treatment. If you have this condition and want to improve your appearance, Katy blepharoplasty is the right solution. Before going for the treatment, the following are the common myths that you should stop believing in.

The Surgery Will Leave an Obvious Scar

 Most people believe they will always have a permanent scar after surgery. This belief has made some of them avoid the surgery since they do not want to be the center of attention. However, the truth is that this surgery will leave little to no scars. The main reason is the surgeon makes very minimal incisions which are, in most instances, unnoticeable.

The Will Always have Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is a condition that could be disturbing to most individuals. Since the chronic dry eye can affect the individual’s quality of life, most people avoid surgery. However, the truth is that blepharoplasty surgery has extremely low risks of causing chronic dry eye. Besides, if you experience dry eye, the condition will be short-lived. To reduce these risks further, you should ensure that a qualified specialist conducts the surgery.  

The Surgery is Painful

Some people have been avoiding this treatment since they believe it is extremely painful and will take a long time before recovering. However, this process is not as painful as most people perceive. The person will not experience pain during the surgery since it is conducted under local anesthesia. Furthermore, the specialist will give the patient medication to reduce pain after the surgery. You should, therefore, not avoid the procedure due to the fear of suffering pain.

The Surgery has Only Cosmetic Benefits

 Some people believe the surgery is performed for people looking to improve their appearance. Even though the process is used for cosmetic surgery, it is also for medical benefits. For instance, after removing the sagging and excess skin, the person will likely have tightened skin. Even though this process will boost the person’s appearance, it could also boost their peripheral vision. The process of surgery will therefore have both cosmetic and medical benefits.

It Results in an Artificial Look

Most people avoid being told that their appearance looks fake. This has been the main reason why they have been avoiding blepharoplasty surgery. However, the truth is when a specialist conducts the procedure, it does not give a person an artificial look. The only thing that most people will notice is that your natural look has become more attractive. You should be cautious when choosing a specialist to choose the qualified one with vast experience to improve your appearance.

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