Decorate your room with Flowers to help Reduce Stress

Flowers are the greatest gift from the Almighty, which sometimes makes a great versatile gift and sometimes acts as a great cure for multiple diseases. Every now and then, we fall for their beauty, scent and symbolism, but how often, do we realise that they tend to act as ultimate stress busters? Not that often, we bet! Think of the last time when you were gifted some mesmerizing flower arrangements by your loved ones on your birthday; we are pretty sure that you wished to preserve it for the rest of your lives as it instantly helped you forget all kinds of sorrows or blues. And uplifts your mood with its calm-inducing qualities. Many pieces of research have proved that flowers have a great effect on our mind and look after various mental ailments like stress, anxiety and depression. Smelling and admiring the beauty of flowers seems very rewarding and helps to boost self-esteem in us, humans. If you are quite impressed with the idea of flowers being a great cure to various mental ailments, then we bet you would love to decorate your room with some flowers too. These are the popular flowers which cast an enchanting effect over our mind and keep it healthy and hearty.

  1. Chamomile – It is said a cup of Chamomile tea lowers the anti-anxiety effects in a person and blesses one with good, deep sleep. These tiny daisy-like flowers are also said to reduce the inflammation in a person.
  2. Lavender – Both the calming natural scent and the lilac colour of this bloom is sure to make one forget about their stress, anxiety or depression. You can plant these incredibly relaxing flowering plants to say bye-bye to all your mental issues.
  3. Jasmine – Quite just like the lavender flowers, jasmines also intend to ease out your mind and body from anxiety and helps you to doze off to sleep peacefully. You can pluck some jasmine flowers and float it in a vessel to be surrounded by this beauty.
  4. Chrysanthemum – Are your feelings stress or worried? Then get yourself surrounded by these bright and beautiful Chrysanthemum flowers to help your body relax and to increase your metabolism too. You can drink Chrysanthemum tea to make you feel happy and healthy – both at the same time.
  5. Gerbera – The charm of the bright coloured Gerbera daisies often tends to light up your room and as well as calms your mind. These flowers are also said to cleanse the air by removing benzene from the air, we breathe.

So bring home, these floral beauties to decorate your home-sweet-home and to become mentally and physically fit to lead a great life. You can plant these floral beauties in and around your house to always get endless supplies of them to decorate your room. Your home is a reflection of you, always remember. So your room decoration and surroundings speak of your mood and mental well being. Choose Wisely as you embrace your room decor with these happy flowers!