Delivery Services: How Online Businesses are Booming During COVID-19

Today, all of us have seen the negative impact of COVID-19 in electronics, airlines, tourism, and other industries. However, there has been an unparalleled growth spike in the online food and delivery industry. Prior to the doomy COVID-19 that started to make headlines around the world,  gourmet food delivery was earning the benefits of more universal digitalization and a greater ample amount of delivery apps. There are companies like Mealsbychefb, Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart, and Grubhub that still offer these services to their clients in a safe way. 

The common trend towards e-commerce enlarged urban living and altering social behaviours had all been supplied into this developing sector. Consumers around the world are either mandated to remain inside their homes or have decided to do so⁠—have turned to order food and groceries online and have them delivered into their homes. 

High Demand in Online Food and Delivery 

The UBS research found out that the demand for online delivery and delivery driver jobs has increased in nearly all markets impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Even Reuters stated that Uber’s food delivery business will certainly benefit from the pandemic, in spite of its ride-hailing business taking a small success. Amazon Flex will benefit as well, and people are becoming more interested in working as amazon flex drivers. The drivers also automated the process with amazon flex bots. Amazon bots work as a flex grabber to help you improve the workflow and overall revenue. The delivery business is still growing with additional benefits from the pandemic.

While the lockdown is still implemented in every online food and delivery business requires analysis, prioritizing and reinventing their approach when marketing. Here are several questions you can ask yourself that can help you establish and create your marketing initiatives: 

  • How do I communicate my user base? 
  • How do I support the traffic I am getting on my website? 
  • How do I address new users? 
  • How do I acquire new partners onboard? 
  • How do I make sure that the business will continue despite changing policies? 

Once you get the answers to these questions, you’ll gain more insights and action steps that will help you reinvent your marketing strategy. Now, here are actions and strategies that you can use to ensure the continuity and growth of your business. 

#1 Inform Consumers About Health and Safety Policies 

During these times, the best word that consumers want to hear is ‘safety’. Everyone is concerned about the safety and hygiene of the items they order, the place where they order it, and the person that delivers it. It’s important that they are informed about the safety and hygiene of the product/food they order. 

You may use banners to tell your customers that your food/product is hygienic and is safely delivered to them. 

#2 Keep Customers Posted With Delivery Changes 

It’s important to update your customers with your timings and policy since situations can be changed during the lockdown. Anything that’s related to delivery policies that might affect their orders should be up to date. Whether it’s your business operational hours, delivery timings or city-based delivery slots, keep them updated with policies and terms. 

#3 Focus on Product Badging and Product Quality 

Since almost everyone is buying their needs online and are more cautious about the services and items they buy, product badging is the best thing to do. This helps users in making decisions way faster. Placing product badges on your products listings assist customers in making a better purchase decision. 

#4 Cashless Transactions 

Since we are all in the process of preventing the transmission of COVID-19, more consumers are avoiding going to ATMs and banks. This is why contactless delivery of food and essentials became the new normal. But this is just a choice given to those users who prefer it since there are some who still continue to pay with cash. You may encourage users to pay using payment e-wallets, coupons, and online banking. 

#5 Make Delivery Surveys to Get Feedback 

New consumers are the best audience to obtain real and honest feedback as they are not biased about their online experience with you. Having information about their experience will teach you which areas and service standards you should improve that will strengthen your brand value. It will also help in creating a seamless user experience right from the first purchase.