Who is Dinah Mattingly? Everything you need to know about Larry Bird’s wife

Larry Bird, a former American basketball professional player, coach, and NBA executive, is married to Dinah Mattingly. The  NBA players has received many titles including Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year is Larry, also known as the Hick from French Lick and Larry Legend. Typically, Larry’s private life is kept out of the spotlight. His wife and children, for instance, are not frequently depicted in the media.

The NBA great has been wed to Dinah Mattingly since 2023. He has, however, already been married once, although it was just for a brief period of time. The wife of Larry Bird is from Indiana.

Larry Bird had a stellar playing experience with the Boston Celtics before going on to become an NBA executive and coach. For three years, Bird led the Indiana Pacers, earning Coach of the Year honours in 1998.

As a business executive for the Pacers, Bird has excelled. After making the squad one of the finest in the East, he was crowned Executive of the Year in 2012.

When Larry and Dinah were in college, they first met, and their romance started in the late 1970s. This was Larry Bird’s second marriage, and they were united in marriage in 1989. In 1975, Bird got married for the first time to Janet Condra, but the union only lasted a few months.

The basketball great and his wife, Mariah Bird, adopted two kids, Mariah and Connor. Ever since their time in college, the couple has been together.

Dinah Mattingly’s career

Regarding Dinah Mattingly’s professional history, little is known. She tries her best to avoid the spotlight and is not prominent on social media.

Mariah Bird

Along with her stepbrother, Connor, Mariah was adopted by Dinah and Larry. Her birth date is unclear, but based on the date of her adoption, Dinah Mattingly age might be 31 years old as of September 2022. She participated in cheerleading while still in high school, and after enrolling at Indiana University in Bloomington, she earned a bachelor of science in recreation.

She works as an events manager for Pacers Sports & Entertainment. However, she keeps the most of her private life a secret.

Dinah Mattingly’s height

Dinah Mattingly Height is 1.67 metres tall at 5’5” and weighs 123 pounds (57 kg), according to sources. Bird is 2 m tall, or 6’ 9”. In addition, Larry Bird’s stunning wife has golden hair and hazel eyes, which are a wonderful complement.

Dinah Mattingly’s early life

The celebrity wife spent a large portion of her youth in Vigo County, Indiana. She studied at Indiana State University as well. Sadly, nothing is known about her private life before to becoming famous.

Dinah Mattingly’s Education

In terms of education, she completed high school in Vigo Country, Indiana, her hometown.

In the interim, she continued her study at Indiana State University. She met her true love, Larry Bird, while she was in college.

Dinah Mattingly’s net worth

She is thought to be worth $1 million. Due to marital regulations, it is acceptable to presume that her husband’s earnings from basketball also include her fortune. Her spouse has made a respectable amount of money. It is estimated that Larry Bird is worth $75 million. He also received a salary of about $26 million over the course of his career.

Dinah Mattingly’s Ethnicity

Dinah Mattingly is an American citizen and a member of the white ethnicity.

Interesting Facts About Dinah Mattingly

  • Larry Bird’s second wife is Dinah Mattingly.
  • She has two adoptive children and no biological offspring.
  • Since their days in college, Dinah and Larry have been friends.

Larry Bird’s ex wife, Janet Condra

Janet Condra, the ex-wife of basketball legend Larry Bird, gained notoriety after their divorce. They’ve known each other for a very long time, yet their brief marriage was short-lived.

Larry Bird deeply rooted in Indiana. He was raised there, went to college and high school there, and born there. Bird started his playing days in Boston, but after he retired, he moved back to Indiana.

Naturally, he met Janet Condra, his first wife, in Indiana. They were childhood sweethearts who both went to Springs Valley High School in French Lick. On November 8, 1975, they exchanged vows.

Larry was a rising basketball star at Indiana State University at the time. For the young footballer, it appeared like everything was going well. He wed his high school love and was destined to be an NBA first-round choice. Unfortunately, his marriage rapidly came to an end. Early in 1976, the couple separated, and they divorced eventually that year. The former couple had a daughter together named Corrie, in August 1977.

Larry and Janet Condra’s relationship was not excellent after their divorce. In fact, things became so terrible that the legendary basketball player and his daughter split up. He was fortunate that Corrie ultimately ran into her father and that they were able to rebuild their connection.

Early childhood Jennifer Condra

Although it is unknown exactly when Janet Condra was born, she was born in Indiana in the United States. She raised in a lowly household, and little is known about her siblings or early years. Larry Bird and she both attended Springs Valley High School.

Career of Janet Condra

The only knowledge about her career is that she supported her family by working two jobs. She is well-known for having been Larry Bird’s ex-wife. Additionally, it is unknown if she obtained a new position following her divorce from Larry.

Janet Condra ‘s family

When Larry Bird and Janet Condra first met in high school, they instantly fell in love. They stayed together until the end of the academic year before deciding to get married in 1975. The couple parted after less than a year of marriage. They returned in an effort to patch things up, but it didn’t work out. In 1977, their daughter was born. In 1989, Larry Bird remarried Dinnah Mattingly; they had two adopted children, Conner and Mariah.

Janet Condra’s Net worth

Janet has had an unassuming existence. We don’t know anything about her job or the money she made. Her estimated net worth is $500,000. Her ex-husband said to be worth $75 million.

Larry Bird and Janet Condra’s daughter

The 44-year-old Corrie, the child of Janet Condra and Larry Bird, will be born in 2022. She was born in Brazil, Indiana, on August 14, 1977. She lost contact with her father after her parents’ divorce, despite the fact that he arranged for monthly child support payments until she was 18. Their bond, however, never totally repaired. As an adult, she wed Trent Theopolis; the couple had four children.

When Corrie was younger, she merely wanted to meet her father in the right way. However, Larry and Janet’s connection had degraded to the point that they were unable to speak to one another.

Corrie tried to meet her father several times, but Larry refused and never responded.

Regardless of how multiple times he had hurt her, Corrie was adamant about meeting him. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Larry Bird’s wife Janet Condra admitted, “When she was young, I made excuses.” Although I was powerless to stop her father’s disobedience, I was able to shield her from other workplace dangers.

Janet was in a difficult situation since she was unsure of what to do. When Corrie’s stepmother invited her to a Pacers game, she eventually got to meet her father. When they eventually met, Larry gave Corrie a hug.

The second husband of Janet Condra.

Mike Deakins rumoured to be Janet’s husband. Mandy is reportedly Janet’s daughter’s name.

Professional singer Mandy has performed at venues like the Lincoln Centre. Similarly, according to insiders, she reportedly sang at Corrie’s wedding in 2008.


Q. Do Larry Bird and his wife have children?

The first marriage of Larry Bird, to Janet Condra, lasted from November 8, 1975, until October 31, 1976.
The next year, in 1989, Larry wed Dinah Mattingly in a secret ceremony at a friend’s house outside Terre Haute, Indiana. They were unable to conceive biological children, so they adopted Mariah and Connor, a son and girl. Dinah and Larry have stayed wed to this day. 

Q. When was Larry Bird born?

As of September 2022, he will be 65 years old, having been born on December 7, 1956. He is two years younger than his wife Dinah Mayattingly, who was born on November 16, 1954 and will be 67 in 2022.
Despite her family’s notoriety, Dinah Mattingly has managed to avoid the spotlight. She might very well be the reason her family has prospered up to this point. Her spouse, American Larry Bird, is a former basketball player, coach, and executive in the industry.

Q. Who is the ex-wife of Larry Bird?

Janet Condra is Larry Bird’s former spouse.

Q. Do Don Mattingly and Dinah Mattingly have any family ties?

They are not related, despite both hailing from Indiana and having the same last name.

Q. How did Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird meet?

In their undergraduate years, Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly became friends.

Q. How many children Larry Bird has biologically?

One biological kid, Corrie Bird, was born to Larry Bird and his former wife Janet.

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