Discover Adelaide’s Land for Sale Options (To Build Your Ideal Home)

Adelaide is often called the “Silicon Valley of Australia,” and it’s no wonder! This vast, sprawling city is in danger of reaching its territorial limits. Despite these concerns, there’s plenty of available land in Adelaide. Discover the region’s natural beauty and bustling festival season, combined with all the amenities you’d expect from a major metropolitan city and inquire about buying your parcel of land for sale in Adelaide.

If you’ve been searching for a new place to call home and enjoy the thought of building your slice of paradise in a big city that feels small, discover why thousands of property enthusiasts are choosing to buy land for sale in Adelaide and why 20,000 more people are expected to move to Adelaide by 2041.

Residential Land Options Aplenty in Adelaide Suburbs

One of Australia’s most diverse, colourful and culturally rich cities, Adelaide is famous for festivals, markets and for newcomers is among one of South Australia’s more affordable locales. Couple this with the endless list of things to do in Adelaide, from the Adelaide Oval, where cricket and Australian football are staples, to the Adelaide Central Market, you’ll never be bored!

For those real estate investors looking to buy land outside of Adelaide’s city centre, you may consider buying a relatively small plot and building an apartment building to offer housing to many of Adelaide’s 70,000 students studying at the city’s four major universities.

One of the most compelling parts of Adelaide to newcomers looking to buy land is that there is plenty of residential land for sale in the many suburbs surrounding the city. Northern Adelaide has some 200 properties available, some parcels as large as 362 square metres, a perfect option for a small single-level home or a split-level duplex. 

Outside of the CBD, Adelaide has land parcels big and small to accommodate ambitious real estate investors seeking to build apartments or townhouses. For younger couples, smaller parcels of land may be desirable in the suburbs for their first-family homes.

Rural Land Availability in Wine Country

You may be seeking a place to retire from the hustle and bustle of city life. Adelaide’s fine wine country provides ample rural land at some of the most reasonable prices for gorgeous vacant plots between stunning vineyards with rolling hills and views of the city in the distance. For those looking to retire, or for younger couples who work remotely or may commute to the city once a week or less, rural land is plentiful in Adelaide’s suburbs and beyond. 

If you’re looking to buy land in Adelaide or the surrounding areas, there are a few factors to consider and something that may sweeten the deal.

Land-Buying Incentives in Adelaide, South Australia

For those considering buying residential land for sale in Adelaide, the Government of South Australia offers you a few incentives – these typically only apply to individuals rather than companies looking to buy up swathes of land. 

Stamp Duty Abolition

One of the main selling points of purchasing land in Australia is that the Government of Australia has abolished the stamp duty (a one-off property tax paid at the time of purchase) on vacant land valued at $400,000 or less. The abolition of this tax was intended to help more Australians buy land (and put homes on it) and works in conjunction with existing legislation like the First Home Owner Grant.

As an individual looking for land for sale in Adelaide, the abolition of the stamp duty will make any land under $400,000 more affordable by saving you a percentage of the sale to re-invest in the land purchase or whatever home you’ll be putting on the land.

First Home Owner Grant

One of the main incentives the Government of South Australia offers is the First Home Owner Grant. This grant applies to property with a market value of less than $650,000 and is applicable for standalone homes, apartments, townhouses or duplexes, as long as the dwelling is a “fixed dwelling.”

Home Construction Grant

The Home Construction Grant (HCG) is a non-taxable grant paid to first-time homebuyers and others seeking to build a new home or to have one built for them by buying an off-plan home or through a real estate investor. This grant was enacted in 2020 as part of South Australia’s recovery process from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knowing that you may qualify for a home construction grant on top of a first-home owner’s grant should greatly reduce your financial stress. Although the cost of Adelaide land may be high (at $530 per square metre), the savings incurred by these grants and the elimination of the stamp duty may well be enough for you to decide to take the plunge on that plot of land you’ve been eyeing up for a year.

Land Releases Freeing Up More Vacant Land

Searching for vacant land for sale in Adelaide received a huge boost twice this year as the Government of South Australia implemented a policy of permitting “land releases.” These releases essentially sold off land previously owned by the Crown to real estate investors and individuals, sometimes for bargain prices. 

Land releases either returned to their traditional ancestral holders (who offered them up for sale) or sold directly to real estate investors or property enthusiasts in a further attempt to address the housing crisis.

Is Purchasing Crown Land an Option?

While it is certainly possible to purchase unreleased Crown land, which can be a lengthy process (a minimum of nine months), there are stores of Crown land that are sold off as they are surplus to the Government’s requirements. 

Private individuals and companies looking for land in Adelaide may find Crown land available for sale, although there’s little left. But you may find former owners looking to sell previously purchased Crown land for a decent price.

How PEET Can Help You Purchase Land in Adelaide

If you’ve been searching for land for a while, either in Adelaide’s gorgeous wine country or the surrounding suburbs, to maintain a connection to the city (and use of its public transport!), PEET should be your next call. 

We have our finger on the pulse of land availability within the Adelaide area and have five developments to showcase to you.

  1. Bluestone

Life at Bluestone in Mt Barker flourishes amid parks, playgrounds, walkways, and vibrant local events. There’s a collection of all-new display homes that showcase the epitome of modern design. With its prime location close to schools, shops, and parks, Bluestone offers the idyllic hills lifestyle you’ve always envisioned. Visit the Sales and Information Centre at 71 East Parkway, Mount Barker, SA 5251 to experience the embodiment of community living.

  1. Fort Largs

Embrace the enchantment of beachfront living at Fort Largs, situated just 30 minutes northwest of Adelaide’s CBD. This coastal estate boasts a selection of land, spacious terrace homes, and absolute beachfront residences now available for purchase. Soon to come are apartments with captivating beach and hills views. Register your interest at the Sales and Information Centre located at the Corner of Lady Gowrie Drive and Strathfield Terrace, and be among the first to learn more about this exciting project.

  1. Tonsley

Tonsley Village redefines contemporary living, offering an innovative lifestyle in the heart of Adelaide’s innovation district. Positioned just 20 minutes from the city, 10 minutes to the beach, and 25 minutes to McLaren Vale, Tonsley presents unrivalled accessibility. With a focus on the future, this vibrant community situates you near a bustling shopping, hospitality, and commercial precinct. Experience the pinnacle of urban living at the Sales and Information Centre on Tonsley Boulevard, Tonsley.

  1. Woodville Rd

Experience the convenience of urban living at Woodville Rd, a mere 8 kilometres from Adelaide’s CBD. This development boasts Torrens titled 2 and 3 storey Terrace Homes and Apartments, designed for modern comfort and style. The beach, city, parks, and schools are all within easy reach, making Woodville Rd an ideal choice for those seeking accessibility without compromise. Visit the New Homes Sales Centre at 80 Woodville Road, Woodville, SA to explore this contemporary living opportunity.

  1. Lightsview

Located a mere 8km north of the Adelaide CBD, Lightsview sets new standards for modern and sustainable communities in Australia. With a town centre, public transport, cycling routes, and 15 hectares of green open spaces, this project embodies a harmonious blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Lightsview Apartments are the highlight here, with a variety of stylish and modern designs. Choose from various locations, each offering unique advantages such as city views, waterfront proximity, or town centre convenience. 

Each of these projects showcases PEET’s commitment to crafting vibrant, accessible, and modern communities that cater to a diverse range of lifestyles. For more details and to explore these projects further, visit the respective Sales and Information Centres or connect with PEET’s team of experts.

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