Alas, the best time of the year is here, so why not make the most of it? Holidays are everyone’s favorite, from kids to adults alike. Not only do they bring joy, but an excuse to put on festive clothes and party. Even though the holiday essence remains the same, people have different styles of celebrating it. Some invest in booking a family trip to their loved ones, whereas others prepare for greeting guests in their house. However, one thing remains the same; the unavoidable plans for holiday decorations.

Be it a supermarket, apartment, or a small house, holiday decorations are a must. They give out just the right vibes everyone yearns for during Christmas. Through decorating your place, you keep the holiday spirit alive –something we all need nowadays. Nonetheless, holiday decorations can cause a little trouble, especially while storing them!

Near the end of the holiday season, one cannot figure out how to pack and store all decorations. Moreover, keeping them is certainly not a small or straightforward task. The merrier your holidays, the bigger space you need to store everything. If you do not want to clutter your entire house, try considering some storage ideas. These ideas will enlighten you about the correct and optimal way to store those holiday decorations. Your precious décor items will not only stay safe but retain their shape till the next holidays as well.

For your ease, let’s discover top storage ideas for holiday decorations.


While packing up everything, inspect your décor items. Rather than memorizing, write down things you have to store and the ones to discard right away. Some broken lights and ornaments may take a lot of room in a storage unit, so it is better to get rid of them. Later on, decide which items will need replacement or a little polishing. In this way, you will have a to-do list in front of you, which will help a lot while storing holiday decorations. You will also have any idea which items to store and where to keep them.


If you always go a little overboard with those holiday decorations, try renting out storage space. Many self-storage units are convenient to use. All of your items will remain safe and secured all year round. You can easily keep the seasonal things in such compartments and take them out when needed. It is by far the safest and easiest storage idea to explore.


Remember that not everything needs your immediate attention. The same happens while storing holiday decorations, where these items will need special treatment. Take Christmas ornaments as an example, which come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. From handmade paper designs to antique holiday creations, all of these items need love and care. Therefore, plan on giving them a priority while storing your décor items. It is best to wrap them in tissues, and bubble wraps individually. If you have ornament storage boxes, use them or buy a few from a nearby grocery store. Try storing the oddly-shaped items in their original boxes and keep the rest in cardboard ones.


The ideal way to store holiday lights is by detangling them before putting them in boxes. Also, it would help if you separate the indoor and outdoor Christmas lights. Try to label their packages as well, so you do know where and how to find them. To avoid any tangling, coil your lights properly. It will save so much of your time and effort while reusing those lights in the future. You can also be more creative and coil those lights around a hanger or cardboard. No matter how you detangle them, the result will surely help with the storage process.


Many people opt for plastic containers while storing holiday decorations. However, you can make your life easier by choosing the same color for your holiday containers. Using the color-coded bins methods, you will have a unique system to follow every time you store holiday decorations. Moreover, the same colored boxes will help in quickly identifying where you have stored what. While taking inventory, make notes of the color-coded bins and which items you are keeping in them. In this way, whenever the holiday season will get nearer, you won’t have to sift through the containers endlessly.


Now that you have discovered some easy and practical storage ideas, why not start packing your holiday décor? By implementing these ideas, you will stay organized and keep track of your end goal, i.e., to keep holiday decorations safe. If you don’t safeguard these items, you will have to reinvest in the next year. So plan wisely and let those décor items look like new forever by storing them properly.