Do London SEO Consultants Have a Team Behind the Scenes?

Have you ever wondered whether an SEO consultant does all the hard work independently? Will they manage your business campaign and do everything by themselves without any help? Generally, people assume when they hire an SEO consultant in London that they are that person alone. But, this is not always the case. Sometimes, there can be a team behind the scenes.

Note that this is not a bad thing. Each SEO consultant is going to work in a way that brings success to their clients. Therefore, a team behind the scenes is realistic for big companies and when extensive campaigns are being carried out. Here is a guide on what you need to know about hiring an SEO consultant.

The Advantage of Teams Behind the Scenes

To answer the question, yes, some SEO consultants will have teams behind the scenes. While they will support you directly, if you require further services, they have a team to help. For instance, this can happen if they run an SEO agency. You should know that this setup does have its advantages. Let’s check out what they are.

More Manpower

If you decide that you want the SEO consultant to help you with campaigns, they are going to benefit from more manpower. They already have a team that are trained and experienced. This manpower is going to ensure that everybody has a role and are able to deliver results for the campaign. 

For instance, Joshua George started as a freelance SEO consultant, yet he has gone on to create his own SEO agency, ClickSlice. Yes, he offers his consultancy services and will give you valuable advice. But, he also has a team with this SEO agencie that can take over campaigns if you wish to go down this road. So, check out Joshua George, freelance SEO consultant – hire now. This could be just what your business requires to reach new heights.

Manage Your Campaigns Permanently

When you have questions and you want to pick the brain of an expert, speaking with an SEO consultant is beneficial. But what happens when you like them and want to take things further. In other words, you want to hire this expert to work on your SEO campaigns for you. You trust them and know they understand what they are talking about.

Well, this is another reason to choose an SEO consultant with a team behind them in London. This means that they have the experts necessary to take over your campaigns permanently. You can trust their expertise and that they can achieve success for your company.

Saves Time

Once most people learn about what SEO improvements they can make, they want to work on getting started with them. But, they often do not have the experience or time to do this themselves. Well, this is why it is best to choose a consultant that already has an SEO team. They can advise you on what should be done and do it for you. The transition is easier when you are working with them and it will save you a lot of time.

Therefore, know that a team behind the scenes can save you time. This applies when you do not have to research and hire another agency to help you grow your company. Instead, you can stick with the SEO consultant you have been working with. Their team takes over and this allows you to outsource your SEO and make sure you have experts on your side. They are also going to know about your business, which means that they can educate the team on what you want to achieve,

Beware of Deceiving SEO Consultants

As we have mentioned, having a team behind the scenes is common and something that is beneficial to your business. But, there is one thing you should be wary about. It is going to be SEO consultants that deceive you about their process. Generally, any company or professional that is not upfront and honest with you is a red flag. Communication is key to any business arrangement, and hiring an SEO consultant is a big deal. You are putting a lot of power in their hands, and you need to be able to trust them.

Therefore, if they do not tell you that they have a team behind the scenes, this could show dishonesty. For example, they might make out that they are doing all the hard work themselves. As we know, there is nothing wrong with a team behind the scenes. But, there is something wrong with an SEO consultant that tries to take all the credit.