Down Under The Neon Lights

When it comes to finding the perfect home décor, most people won’t automatically think “Yes, throw me some neon lights on my wall!” Yet, why not? 

You may be surprised at how far LED neon lights have come in this millennia. Perhaps, it’s time to step out of the dark ages (literally) and see what a little neon light can do to personalise and stylise your abode.  Whether you fancy a sprawling Queenslander or the cosy tiny home designers are finding creative ways to stylize your homes with the beautiful glow of LED neon lighting. 


The beauty about the modern LED neon lighting signs are they come in hundred if pre-designed shapes, phrases, logos, etc. already recognised by millions. Rather, you can be creative and personalise one of your own. Our designers will help you create whatever you might desire to enhance the look of your home. For example:

The Man Cave

What man cave is complete without its own personalised signs in neon lights? Most men are complete bludgers when it comes to decorating the house. However, when you invest in a room of their own and you add a splash of color, everything’s just “dardy”. 

Moreover, because personal designers are available every step of the way, the husbands will be happy with the cool neon lights that accurately depict every aspect of their manhood. All this was designed, created, and personalised “together,” reassuring the wives that dayglow breasts are NOT part of the décor, (unless it’s a mutual decision). 

Fair Dinkum?   Fair Dinkum!

For those of you not from Australia, that means “Honestly.” And it’s constantly what teens are saying to parents who “just don’t get it”.  Perhaps, it is like the USA slang phrase, “Seriously?!” that was trendy forever. 

(Imagine worst Bubbly Teen Voice Possible) – “Strewth!  But, if you are feeling clucky, I’d be right stoked with a glowing Straya map up above the swag in my room.” Since LED Neon lights are so versatile and safe, they are also perfect for any teenager and child.

Inside and Outside

There are so many more indoor uses for neon lighting. If you have a favorite quote you’d like illuminated on your back porch, it’s possible. Want to say “I love you” in a Neon 10” surprise, there’s a sign for it. If you can think of it, it may be possible to decorate in LED neon lighting.  

Some people may be questioning the legitimacy of LED neon signs in home design. When people hear about the personalised signs in neon lights, imaginary dollar signs circle the air. We happily admit the prices of neon lights and signs were more reasonable than I ever imagined. I was also amazed at their following selections: 

Personalised Signs

Create and upload your own. Signs don’t have to hang on your wall. The best neon lights places will make signs with stands as small as 3KG or 6lbs. 


Every neon light facility should have a decent collection to share with you, a select few will have rare collections including Star Wars and Pikachu. Decerning customers will also want to ensure that the materials being used in these products are all handmade with child-safe material, with no glass or mercury ever being used.


When it comes to styles in your home, you want the largest selection of colors available. Find the neon light store that offers a rainbow of colors. Have one color or more in your sign and be able to choose from 21 colors. 

Selection of Fonts

The best Aussie neon lights shop is going to have over 55 fonts for you to choose from as well as letting you upload any personal selection from your own computer. 

Putting a touch of neon in one’s home is an easy decision to make. However, if someone still cannot decide with that choice selection, Crickey!

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