Earn Profit With DVC Resale

Becoming a member of the Disney Vacation Club does not come lightly on the pocket. After all, luxurious vacations call for equally expensive price tags and although they are well worth the money spent- having them lay around and not being used is a loss on your end. 

You may have different plans for your upcoming holiday trip or you’ve just simply outgrown the magic (it happens!) – regardless of the reason, a DVC contract can be very costly especially when not being enjoyed. 

With this, a specific market comes into play where listings of DVC contracts can be found being sold by members at a fraction of the cost as compared to buying directly from Disney. 

Keep on reading to understand what DVC resale is about and how you can benefit from it. 

How Does DVC Resale Work? 

The process is pretty straightforward. DVC contracts are being put into listings and interested buyers browse through them to find the contract most suitable for them. 

On the seller’s side, there are two common options on how to do this effectively – which we will also be discussing in a bit – and the resale method is a surefire way to earn back a portion of what you paid for when you applied for membership or acquired the contract. 

In the DVC resale market, contracts of all forms and (point) sizes are available for interested parties – a good example of this would be DVC Resale Experts

Acquiring these contracts would mean a huge discount on the actual price of the membership and since Disney resorts are some of the most favorite holiday destinations for families, a sale is almost always guaranteed. 

But there’s always a catch and most DVC resale takers are aware of this. Membership from resale comes with perks, however, not all of its entirety to still give direct members an edge. 

This small difference usually never fazes interested buyers as getting the contract at lower prices beats getting the exclusive benefits. 

How To Earn From DVC Resale

While you will not be able to earn the entirety of the money you spent upon purchasing the membership, you can still strike a good deal with DVC resale. 

Buyers are very mindful of the different variables they have to consider when buying resale. Home resort, point size and availability and use years are some of the most important factors that buyers look at when purchasing resale so you can price yours accordingly

As a seller, resale platforms like DVC Resale Experts offer two convenient ways on how you can put your contract for listing. 

Send A DVC Contract Listing Request 

This method is for a seller not in a rush to make a sale. This option is highly recommended as you have the opportunity to get the best offer for your listing, therefore maximizing your profit. 

Request For An Instant Sale  

In a rush? Then this is the one for you. Requesting for an instant sale means that the DVC resale company will make the offer instead of a direct buyer. You may not get the best in terms of price, but you are guaranteed of the sale and will not have to wait for it. 

Final Thoughts 

A member can sell their DVC contract for a number of reasons, and wherever you fall in the category, dealing with a DVC resale expert can help you turn that membership into income.