Easiest Ways to Pack Your Clothes for a Shore Excursion

Are you up for a shore excursion? There are a plethora of things to consider while packing clothes for an ultimate cruise vacation. However, if you are one of those procrastinators who start packing your trolley before your excursion day, you should know the hassle-free tricks to pack your dresses!

On the ship, you will require specific dining attire to bathing suit items to almost everything. Moreover, you have to choose the right cruise itinerary to make your shore excursion the memorable one!

So, whether your motto is to dodge excess bag charges by packing light items, reserve your in-port shopping for keepsakes instead of necessities, make sure you pack everything you require on this excursion. Here are the top tricks for seamless packing for a shore excursion.

Men’s Cruise Packing Tips

Amazing strategy is there for the guys to pack light, even for a 7-days cruise! You have to wear a casual yet funky shirt for dinner, except on formal nights. After that, wear that shirt for the next day of the trip for a shore excursion to utilize the shirt in two days and not one! This is how guys can avoid the hassles of overpacking for their vacation.

For formal and semi-formal events, wearing a similar shirt will ease up your load. But on the formal nights, it would be better to put on a tie and jacket. Lastly, don’t forget to pack swimsuits, cruise essentials, 5 casual daytime outfits, and other necessary accessories. 

Women’s Excursion Packing Tips

Hey ladies, are you worried about how to pack for a long 7-days cruise? It could be intimidating to identify how everything will properly fit. So, for a stress-free shore excursion, follow these cruise packing tips and tricks to make it easier:

  • Opt for one color palette and create a vibe around it. If you are fond of navy blue, you can utilize it as a base color when you cruise. Hence, make sure that all the clothes, including pants, dresses, shorts, and accent items, synchronize around that particular color.
  • Pack a lightweight or a few classic jewelry pieces to blend with all the attires you will wear.
  • Incorporate layers – You will surely require a wrap or a sweater for windy or frosty late nights to enjoy sitting on the top deck.
  • Carry gym suits if you are willing to climb the rock wall.
  • Carry two swimsuits for a 7-days of shore excursion as one can take a whole day to get dried.
  • Pack one pair of mix and match shoes, one for a daytime excursion, and gym shoes if required.


These are the detailed packing lists and important tips to pack your clothes for an upcoming shore excursion. Once packing is done, you must keep all the crucial documents with you, such as cruise documents and required IDs.

Always avoid such items in your check-in luggage, and carry them in your handbag only! If you’re taking kids, pack nice and comfy outfits for the formal nights.

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