East Africa is the Ideal Honeymoon Destination for 10 Reasons

East Africa comprises 19 countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Others are Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. 

The region has established itself as a popular tourist destination. Holiday tourist arrivals were 299,802. In 2021, family vacations attracted 257,357. 229,804 visitors came in for other reasons, including business and conferences.  

Many honeymooners also visit the area for various reasons, Holidays Homes and Retreats in South Africa, which we will discuss in our article.  

  1. Mingle With Wildlife with a Honeymoon Safari 

If there is one thing east Africa can boast about, it is the amount of wildlife. You get to see elephants, lions, rhinos, wildebeest, and much more. Signing up for a honeymoon safari will allow you to see all of them in their natural habitat. 

The best Serengeti safaris provide camping facilities. It takes you right where the animals are, adding to the thrill. The same happens in Maasai Mara, another popular honeymoon safari destination. 

So when is the best time to visit East Africa? Plan your safari honeymoon from June to October. That is the best time to see the wildlife as the weather is sunny and the parks are dry. You may also be lucky enough to catch the wildebeest migration.  

A honeymoon safari would not be complete without a balloon ride. The organizers will only be too happy to accommodate you. 

  1. Unmatched Beaches 

Thanks to the Indian Ocean, east Africa has miles of pristine beaches. Some of the best ones are in Kenya’s coastal towns of Mombasa, Zanzibar, and Tanzania. On your packing checklist should be a wide selection of swimming gear.  

Spend romantic days at the beaches strolling, swimming, or just laying back. There are also tons of water activities. These include humpback whale watching, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and skydiving. 

Your honeymoon safari travel agents can put together an itinerary for you.  

  1. Explore the East African Mountains 

There are plenty of wilderness safari honeymoon sites to visit. One of the popular ones is the East African mountains. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya if you don’t mind a little strenuous activity. 

You can also spend some time at the scenic Bwindi National Park in Uganda or the volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Your honeymoon Safari organizers will make the necessary arrangements. This includes having a guide to show you around. 

Expect to see plenty of animals, including our animal cousins, the chimpanzees, and gorillas. 

  1. See the Big Five at Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania  

The first thing that hits you when you reach Ngorongoro is the stunning beauty. Covering a width of 14 miles, the crater is rich in flora and fauna. Please charge your camera because photo opportunities are plenty. 

Watch out for elephants, hippos, lions, zebras, and more. Indeed you may see the big five in that one space. 

  1. White Water Rafting in Jinja 

Jinja in Uganda is the perfect destination if you and your partner love white water rafting. Don’t worry about your skill level. Expert instructors will take you even at the beginner level. 

There are also other activities, including kayaking, floats, and boating. 

  1. Dine With the Giraffes at Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, gives you the unique experience of dining with giraffes. The friendly animals stick their heads through the windows for bites from guests. It is a fantastic experience because you get to touch these amazing creatures. 

The manor is a sanctuary that provides a home to the endangered Rothschild giraffe. 

  1. Experience New Cultures

East Africa is rich in culture. You will not believe how much there is to learn and know about east African people. The Maasai, Turkana, Borana, Omo, and Samburu are some communities that maintain their lives as they did years ago. Indeed it feels like the western culture has not had too much of an impact on them. 

Zanzibar is another culture-rich destination. Strolling through the towns feels like you have set the clock back. The same goes for Lamu in Mombasa. The locals mainly rely on donkeys and dhows for transportation. 

The construction of the buildings leaves no space for cars. And that will not change soon. There are laws in place to prohibit the demolition of buildings. The Old town is a world heritage site. So, protecting existing architecture and rich culture is a key priority. 

  1. Sate You Taste Buds With East African Food

The food in East Africa is worth traveling for. Coastal regions have a rich mix of different cultures. These include Arabic, Persian, Indian, African, and European influences. Get ready to eat what you know and discover new tastes. 

Expect to eat fish, seafood, roast meat, tripe, plantains, and more. Zanzibar or the spice island are experts at making pilau. This is a spicy rice and meat specialty. 

  1. Marvel at Nature at the Danakil Depression 

The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is a natural marvel. True, the temperatures are not very exciting. It gets pretty hot, with temperatures ranging from 9 to 4 degrees to 122 degrees during summer.  

The reason why you need to go there is because of the multi-colored hot springs. The boiling pools have a fascinating combination of colors. Mineral deposits give the red, orange, and yellow hues. 

Organize a camping expedition with your honeymoon safari team. You can also see active volcanoes and get close to the lava by walking on the rim. 

  1. Learn about Religion in Lalibela

Lalibela in Ethiopia has orthodox Christians to thank for its existence. It has been around since the 12th century 10 to date has eleven churches, all hewn from the rock. 

The UNESCO world heritage site is home to Biete Medhani Alem, the world’s largest monolithic church. To date, many devoted Christians make pilgrimages to the site. You and your partner will enjoy touring and learning about the history of the place.  

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to love about east Africa for your safari honeymoon. The area is rich in culture, food, wildlife, and activities.  

For the best experience, plan your trip through honeymoon safari travel agents. You went through the stress of planning your holiday. Now, let the experts take over the hassle so that you can concentrate on what is important. And that is to relax and enjoy each other.