Educate Your Kids About Earthquakes With These Resources

Earthquakes are natural disasters that can cause immense destruction in a matter of seconds. They occur when two blocks of Earth’s crust, called tectonic plates, suddenly move past each other and release energy in the form of seismic waves.

Earthquakes can have devastating effects on human lives; they can destroy buildings, disrupt power grids and water supplies, and even trigger tsunamis or landslides. 

To prepare our children for such an event, it is important to educate them about earthquakes so they know what to do if one should strike near their home. This article will discuss eight resources available for parents who want to teach their kids about earthquakes: from interactive activities and videos to books specifically designed with young readers in mind.

This program from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), offers resources for educators and parents to educate their children about earthquakes. Its website has age-appropriate activities, videos, and handouts to help kids understand what an earthquake is, how it’s measured, and what to do before, during, and after one.

The earthquake is explained through an interactive game, where kids can explore the science behind earthquakes by shaking a virtual building and measuring its “quakes.” And if that’s not enough, FEMA also provides videos and a downloadable handout with safety tips.

Generation Genius

Generation Genius (GG) is a resource for teachers and parents to educate their students and children about earthquakes. Its website offers educational videos, worksheets, quizzes, and other interactive activities intended to have earthquakes explained for children in a fun and engaging way. GG also provides additional resources such as books, articles, and infographics that can help kids enjoyably learn more about earthquakes.

Additionally, GG also offers a unique activity called the “Earthquake Challenge”. In this activity, kids can build and test their earthquake-proof structures with various materials provided by GG.

The Great Shakeout

The Great Shakeout is a worldwide earthquake drill that takes place each October. It’s organized by the Southern California Earthquake Center, in collaboration with other organizations, to promote earthquake preparedness for both adults and children.

The online resource includes educational videos, activities, and handouts for children to learn about earthquakes engagingly. There are also exercise drills that kids can do at home or school with their families and friends to practice what to do during a real earthquake.

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

The US Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program is a resource for educators and parents seeking to educate their children about earthquakes. It provides an array of activities and information such as educational videos, posters, photos, maps, and diagrams.

Furthermore, USGS offers a comprehensive guide to help kids understand the science behind earthquakes and what they can do before, during, and after one. For instance, the USGS website has a collection of educational modules for parents and teachers. These modules cover topics such as earthquake terminology, the science behind earthquakes, potential hazards from earthquakes, and how to prepare for them.

Additionally, there’s also an interactive activity called “Earthquake Explorer” where kids can use a virtual seismograph to explore the differences between various types of earthquakes.

Edinburgh Earthquake Project

The Edinburgh Earthquake project, created by the British Geological Survey (BGS), is a free online resource designed to help kids understand earthquakes. It offers interactive activities and modules that teach children about how earthquakes are caused, why they occur, and how they can be prepared for one. 

The website also provides a range of games and quizzes, as well as a quiz creator where teachers can create their custom quizzes to test kids’ knowledge. In addition, the BGS provides videos and an extensive library with articles about earthquakes and natural disasters.

Earthquake Preparedness for Kids

This resource from the American Red Cross provides an array of activities, videos, and handouts to educate kids about earthquakes. The website offers age-appropriate activities such as “Design a Disaster Kit” and “Make an Earthquake Plan” to help kids learn essential safety tips.

In addition, it has a comprehensive guide that helps parents and teachers explain the science behind earthquakes to their kids. The website also provides access to a variety of videos and handouts which can further reinforce the concepts taught in the activities.

On the other hand, the website also offers a downloadable coloring book that serves as an enjoyable way for kids to learn about earthquakes. This coloring book covers topics such as what to do during an earthquake and how to prepare for one. 

Earthquake Country Alliance

The Earthquake Country Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about earthquakes, particularly in California. Its website provides an array of information and activities, such as videos, infographics, and articles. It also has a section dedicated to educators with resources for them to use in the classroom when teaching about earthquakes.

Additionally, there is a section specifically designed for kids that consists of activities, puzzles, coloring sheets, and other fun interactive content.

Their checklist for kids includes tips on how to stay safe during an earthquake, and it also provides access to a video series explaining the science behind earthquakes. Moreover, their website has an interactive game called “Shake City” which is designed to simulate the shaking of buildings caused by an earthquake.

Earthquake Facts and Resources

This website also provides educational videos, articles, printables, and interactive activities that can help kids learn more about earthquakes in a fun way. The website also has a section dedicated to safety information, which includes guides on how to prepare for and respond to earthquakes. Additionally, their “Earthquake 101” section offers a comprehensive overview of the science behind earthquakes and how they can affect different areas of the world. 

The website also provides access to helpful resources such as earthquake simulations, diagrams of fault lines, and maps of active seismic zones. Furthermore, Earthquake Facts and Resources has an interactive game called “Earthquake Shake” which helps kids learn how to reduce the risk of damage during an earthquake.

With these eight resources, you have all the information and tools needed to educate your kids about earthquakes. Whether you’re looking for interactive games or detailed explanations of how earthquakes are formed, these resources should help you teach your children in a fun and engaging way. Additionally, they provide safety tips that can be invaluable if an earthquake ever occurs near them.

With this knowledge, your children will be well-prepared when it comes to facing any potential seismic events in their lives.

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