Effects and Side Effects of Generic Medicine

The concept of generic medicine is often a misunderstood part of modern medical science. In countries, such as the USA, these medications are commonly used as prescription drugs. The usage of such drugs is also quite common in India since they retail for a much lower price than their brand name alternatives.

Before proceeding to learn more about the side effects of generic drugs, one must know what is generic medicine. Only then can an individual assess why generic medications may be riskier than the conventional drugs available at pharmacies.

What is generic medicine?

In theory, generic medicine refers to any medicinal drug, which was previously protected under a patent. After the patent expired, various other drug manufacturers began to create and sell the drug under its generic name. As such, all generic medicine was once solely manufactured by a single pharmaceutical company, who owned its patent.

Now that you know what is generic medicine, here is a look at possible side effects from such drugs.

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Why does generic medicine cause side effects?

In the USA, generic medicines are produced under strict guidelines put forth by the FDA, which ensures their quality and effectiveness against health disorders. Moreover, the manufacturing process is such that no additional side effects appear after taking the medicine in question. However, the same cannot be said for generic medicine production in India.

With very little oversight and quality control, the Indian market is flooded with cheap generic medications, which are ineffective. Additionally, some of them can even lead to serious side effects for patients.

While one cannot pinpoint a single side effect, opting for treatment using generic medication in India may pose dangers to your health. The side effects can range from minor ones to severe setbacks in one’s health.

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When can you take generic drugs safely?

Although avoiding generic medicine is the wisest move for Indians, one can rely on them in select cases. For instance –

  • One can take generic medication if his/her primary physician recommends the same.
  • A generic medication can be safe to consume if an individual has previously taken the same drug without suffering from adverse effects.

Still, the only major benefit of relying on generic drugs is that they are inexpensive in comparison to branded medications. This price difference mainly results from the fact that generic medicine manufacturers do not have to spend millions on research and development of the drug. Thus, the cost of production is limited.

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A Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card provides an individual with the financial backing necessary to fund costly treatments, without resorting to ineffective generic drugs. Such a card can help an individual tackle almost any of the health issues in India, without overburdening his/her finances.

How is a Digital Health EMI Card useful?

During medical emergencies, arranging the necessary funds for treatment can be a hassle. Furthermore, due to the immense cost of quality healthcare, one may even need to rely on unsecured loans with exorbitant interest rates. The Digital Health EMI Network Card prevents one from compromising his/her financial security at such times.

This card comes with a pre-sanctioned amount of up to Rs.4 lakh, which individuals can use to pay for healthcare services. Instead of repaying the entire sum at once, cardholders can convert it into several no-cost EMIs, which can ease bearing medical liabilities drastically.

The flexibility of tenor is an added benefit as well. Card owners can choose to repay outstanding medical dues in up to 24 monthly instalments, which should be enough time to fund even the costliest of therapies or surgeries.

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How can one avail this health card?

If you are intent on avoiding generic drugs after learning what is generic medicine, you must apply for the health card. You can do so in one of two ways, based on whether you are an existing member of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network or not.

  • For existing members

Individuals who already own an EMI card from the NBFC can apply for this health card online. They do not need to submit any additional documents during the process as well, making things much simpler.

To apply, navigate to the official page for the health card and click on ‘get it now’. Next, provide your registered phone number, verifying the same using OTP authentication. Check your pre-approved limit for the card, and proceed to payment.

Pay the purchase fee of Rs.589, or Rs.707 online for the non-insta and insta variations of the health card, using credit or debit cards or through other forms of online transfers. After payment clears, you can begin using the health card immediately. Open the Bajaj Finserv app on your phone to check for card credentials.

  • For new members

Members who are new to the NBFC have to avail of this card through an offline process. They need to visit a nearby network outlet with all the necessary documents to acquire this nifty financial product. Nonetheless, owing to the fact that the NBFC has more 5500 partner facilities across over 1000 cities in India, individuals will not have to stray very far to avail the card.

With such a card in your pocket, you would not need to resort to generic medications. Instead, you can finance over 800 treatment procedures without burning a hole in your pockets.

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