Efficient Tips to Make Ironing Less of A Chore

Ironing is another household chore that never gets done, like washing dishes and doing laundry. You iron the jacket, and as soon as you wear it on for the first time, it needs to be ironed again. You may make ironing less unpleasant by learning how to do it more efficiently and storing your ironed clothing in a way that avoids it from wrinkling again. However, with the correct ironing equipment and the right tips, you can make it less hassle. With the correct technique, we’ll show you how to do it correctly so you can leave the house looking fresh with less effort.

Efficient Tips to Make Ironing Less of A Chore 

Of course, iron is an essential tool. Therefore, Prime Laundry, a wash and iron service company recommends that you should make an informed choice. There’s a reason why a standard iron is less expensive than a steam iron. You may choose the lowest option as the best one, but that isn’t the case. Traditional irons will not be as effective as steam irons, requiring more effort and electricity.

  • Invest in a Quality Ironing Board.

Tabletop ironing boards, free-standing ironing boards, and even ironing mats are all available. None of them are costly, but a full-size ironing board is the way to go if you have the physical space. Wider ironing boards allow you to perform more work in less time. As you don’t have to move things around much, you can iron quicker. Free-standing ironing boards are more durable than tabletop ironing boards. Even if you’re using a free-standing ironing board, be sure it stands solid and doesn’t wobble when you’re ironing. If you live in a small apartment, you may have to go with a thin or tabletop option.

A workable solution is to use an ironing mat. When not used, it’s a magnetic mat that lays across the top of your dryer and rolls up for easy storage. If you don’t have your washer and dryer in a closet, put them on top of each other or raise them on storage risers, it’s an excellent solution for a tabletop ironing board.

  • Spray Bottles

Even if you have a high-quality steam iron, stubborn wrinkles may require additional support. A handy water spray bottle might assist you in fighting them.

  • Pressing Cloth

When it comes to ironing, this is yet another essential thing to consider. This piece of fabric protects your delicate clothing from extreme heat. Put it between the wrinkled item and the iron’s face. You can either buy a pressing cloth or make your own out of white cotton fabric.

  • Board For the Sleeves

You can buy a sleeve board if your ironing board does not come with one. Most wash and iron service use this, and it will significantly help you reach small and complicated locations.

  • Before Ironing, Wet Your Clothes

You shouldn’t take clothes out of the dryer right after they’ve finished spinning, but you can take items that need ironing out of the dryer before they’ll be dry. It removes the need to wash them down before beginning the work. If you don’t mind a bit extra work, have a spray bottle filled with water near your ironing area—be sure to use the same distilled water in your spray bottle that you do in your iron. When clothing isn’t dry, wrinkles are easier to remove.

  • Use the Correct Settings

If your iron doesn’t have a settings guide, read the instruction manual that came with it. The fabric that makes up your clothing item determines the settings. You’ll find it easier to get rid of wrinkles and less likely to damage your clothes if you use the correct settings. If you don’t have the user guide, start with the lowest setting and gradually increase the temperature until you find a level that works for you. 

  • How to Iron Clothing by Garment

Here’s a review of some ways that will make ironing more unpleasant.


If you want your dress slacks to get a front crease, fold them in half before setting them on the ironing board. If you don’t want wrinkles, put the leg over the ironing board’s nose before using the iron—this will stop the other side of the leg from wrinkling.

Flat Style skirt: 

Ironing a flat-style skirt is as easy as laying the clothing flat on an ironing board and doing the work. If your skirt has creases, you’ll want to give particular attention to each one—stretching the pleat and securing this with a paperclip to keep it in place while you iron.

Dress Shirt:

Before ironing, make sure the front of the dress shirt is open. You’ll get button-shaped wrinkles on the back of a shirt if you iron this with the buttons hooked. If you want a stiff collar, get some spray-on starch.


Ironing frequently is one of the best ways to save time when it comes to ironing. If you let your ironing pile up, you’ll be faced with a much larger task. Not only will you spend hours ironing, but you’ll likely find that the clothing items have much more wrinkles than they did when you first spotted the wrinkles. Also, for the best result, hire a Prime Laundry that provides the most reliable wash and iron service in London, so do not wait for contact, schedule your time and enjoy your weekend.

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