Egyptian Mummies & Pharaohs | Parade of the Ancients

Source: BBC news

Recently there was a parade in Cairo, Egypt… but it wasn’t your typical parade. It was a parade like no other that many may have thought they’d never get to see in their life. The parade was a parade of mummies! It was the procession of 22 ancient Egyptian mummies, royal mummies making their way to a new museum! Now let it be said, these mummies weren’t walking on their own… no, they were being transported, but even with that, it was quite a sight! Every one of the mummies, 4 queens and 18 kings, had their own transportation in custom-made vehicles with their names painted on them, and they arrived in true royalty fashion as they should have! This lavish ceremony had music, tanks letting off explosions, and many people dressed in Egyptian costumes that put you in mind of an illustrious period and of great times in life! The costumes showed pure royalty! You saw those dressed up walk with their heads held high, their backs straight. You could feel a sense of regality coming from within them… that is precisely how you will feel when you have on a period costume such as these that were seen! You will feel this coming from within any time you have on one of our Egyptian Cleopatra or Pharaoh costume!

Period costumes are so much fun to wear; it allows you to step back in time and take on a persona that can be an exact replica of yourself, the total opposite of who you are, or it can be a nice mixture of both! Take our beautiful Cleopatra Egyptian costume… when you see it, you immediately know to put it on; you have to be royalty! The Cleopatra costume is one that you have to show your beauty, authority, and prestige when you have it on! We know just how beautiful Cleopatra was, so undoubtedly, you will keep the same beauty you possess when you wear our costume. It’s great to also know just how intelligent Cleopatra was. She was known as the Queen scholar who elevated the ranks of other scholars, which was another reason she could walk tall! Just as well, Cleopatra knew how to make an entrance whenever she entered a room… you must do the same whenever you wear the Cleopatra costume!

You won’t just find the Cleopatra costume bringing on the incredible prestige and an aura of strength, grace, and an esteemed ruler; men will feel the same way they wear the Pharaoh costume! Pharaoh was another exemplary leader that made sure his presence was felt whenever he entered a room! You knew without a shadow of a doubt that whenever a Pharaoh was around, your attention and eyes were on him! Things will be no different whenever the Pharaoh costume is worn. As a leader, you tend to carry yourself much differently than others. You must let it be known you are in charge… you’re able to command a room, you’re able to walk tall with your head held high, and you let it be known that you are indeed the one that everyone listens to! With a Pharaoh costume, you will undoubtedly do the same, wherever you wear the costume too. Pharaohs were known to wear their crown atop their heads and have full attire, which let others know exactly who they were if they didn’t know. Your costume will do much of the same! From a great distance, one will be able to see that you are certainly a leader who carries himself as such and that commands eyes while he’s in the room!

Egyptian royalty is always a great way to go when looking for a costume. Still, it should be known that there are many more other Egyptian characters and gods that you can dress as and make big, bold statements just as you can if you were to wear a Cleopatra or Pharaoh costume. Take Anubis and Isis, for example… these are other amazing costumes you could wear and bring the same attention to yourself! Being the Egyptian god of mummification, Anubis is one costume that many may see and recognize but may not instinctively know what to call him. Also, with the goddess Isis… she is another costume that many may have seen and not known who she was by name! These are Egyptian deities that you can take pride in having a costume for. Even choosing a mummy costume is a great idea! Just as was seen in the parade, mummification can help preserve the essence of who the person was. It shows that one really should be proud to have the desire to be kept around. Even a revenge mummy will bring in attention… showing that you didn’t want to leave with unfinished business!

Period costumes seem to be excellent choices and always fun to put on! They will bring a lot of attention, great conversation, and a way to bring life (after death) to any function you decide to wear it to!