Elevate the style and look of your old Cabinets with Leather Knobs

Isn’t it time for a change? Replace your existing knobs and give your interiors a modern rich look with elegantly designed leather knobs. These kind of knobs used with hanger and looking pretty for decorative walls. If you attach leather knobs with old cabinet then it’s looking so amazing for the decorative purpose.

Leather knobs increases the value of the interior and pretty home design for make sure the value of the leather knobs. It is the long run existence of the knobs and no chances to breakdown to knobs throughout the process.

There are many kind of knobs related to leather knobs like ceramic  knobs, bubble knobs, wooden knobs etc.

Despite the knobs tiles will ensure the awesome looking for bathroom and any other purposes  to drill out somewhere.

Leather knobs is purely designed by hand-crafted and handmade activities for durability of products.

Leather decorative drawer knobs and pulls will concerns with this styled and decorative cabinet. There are many stylish leather cabinet knobs for home decor and uses in many segments i will discuss uses of leather knobs for different segments.

If you want to know how to make  you really need some accessories

  1. Drill and drill bit
  2. Brass machine screw
  3. Brass finish washer
  4. A length of leather strapping
  5. X-Acto knife
  6. Latex paint
  7. A small paintbrush
  8. Measuring tape
  9. Magna-Tac glue

Measure The leather kit and cut according to size:

making the leather knobs your initial step to cut small pieces. Make decorative through the machinery. first of all we decide the size of knob and necessary to cut according the size.

Mark the knob center and drill it out:

Fold the cutted leather. It will go for knobs to attach the drawers and design accordingly

Use the drill and screw for the hole and trying the install the leather knobs for decorative purpose.


Affix the glue around the hole from both side and fold accordingly and make size the wall hanging scripts. Once you affix the glue and add together.

Paint of knobs

These under-constructed knobs will be painted according knobs designs for custom look  for decorative purpose for the scale for hardware looking. We generally liked how this small touch made the pulls feel as if they had always been on the cabinets of custom made designs.


Once you are painted the knobs and ready to design to the attach the pull to the cabinet. During the attachment of the knobs to the cabinet use same drill to affix the knob for kitchen and bathroom cabinet for home decoration

For stylish and decorative hardware leather knobs for looks better home theory of designs. Grilled designed painted leather knobs or the bathroom cabinet and for drawer pulls of the


Once you have made the leather knobs for home and for any of the cabinet like bathroom and drawing room. It will be beneficial for the hanging the things and make sure the designing and painting of the creative wall decoration.

The leather knobs give us many advantage for decorative purpose i.e. we can  use the wall hanging purpose, cabinet decoration and office, kitchen and bathroom  cabinet decoration purpose we can use it in case of attach the cartoons and using the hanging lamps for the purpose of decorative of the wall and Rooms.

Conclusion: The making of leather knobs is very creative and economical. Anyone who an try for this activities. It will looking for the peace gesture of home improvement. In process we are looking for the drilled and painted segment through out the product and services.

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