Engagement Rings: A Very Small Part in Competing in Life

The time in your life when you decide to take your relationship to the next level and become engaged is certainly one to brag about! This is a time when you receive presents from friends and so much support from everyone in your life. People will want to talk engagement rings with you and surely see that beautiful rock that is on your finger.

For some reason, most of America is focused on material things. Women compete to date the richest man, carry the most expensive purses, wear the most fashionable shoes, raise the cutest and most polite children, have the biggest diamond engagement ring and live in the biggest house. Some people say women are not as competitive as men, but that could not be more true. Women just choose to compete in a different manner. They are not concerned so much with beating another woman on the basketball court or on the golf course. Women want to win in life as a whole. They refuse to settle for one victory during a silly game. Instead, they want other women to look at them, the material things they have and the life they life and be so green with envy it makes their heads spin.

Why do you think most women compete in this manner? Is it because they feel as though they are not as good at regular sports as they should be? Maybe it is because sports in general are silly to them and they do not consider them important in the grand scheme of life. Maybe what they consider important is life itself. There is nothing wrong with taking life seriously and doing your best to provide a stable and comfortable environment to live and raise children. However, if that goal is motivated by personal shortcomings experienced in the past instead of genuinely caring about the welfare of yourself and family, then you may have some bigger issues at hand.

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Of course men want to compete too. They want to have the prettiest wife and drive the nicest car, but in a way, those are just material things. He buys her a lavish engagement ring so anyone who looks at her will think to themselves that her husband is rich! Maybe all of the material things are just a byproduct of success in life and these things are simply gestures of love and romance between two people who care so deeply for one another.

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