Engagement Rings: How Long Should You Be Engaged?

Many women absolutely fall in love with the idea of getting married. The thought of having a partner in crime for the rest of your life is rather appealing to most people. How long is the engagement supposed to last? Some women prefer a very short engagement while other women prefer at least a year to plan the wedding of her dreams and make certain this man should be by her side at the alter.

After the engagement ring has been given to the woman, this should be a very hectic and exciting time in her life. She will consumed with wedding planning and engagement parties and registering for gifts for both! There will also be so much shopping. She must shop for a dress to wear and also be present when her bridal party shops for their dresses. Around every single corner, there is something else to do!

The kind of women who are motivated by pressure and organization are going to be the ones who really take their job of planning a wedding seriously. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. These women will make their own deadlines and certainly meet them. Then there are the women who take their sweet time planning a wedding. Take Oprah for instance. She has been engaged to Stedman for over two decades!

There is not a specific date set yet for their wedding and it appears that they may never become married. Her decision may be motivated by factors normal people would never encounter. She has to factor in her billions of dollars she is worth and her publicity. The ending would certainly draw the attention of people all over the world, but maybe that is not something that interests her. She and Stedman have agreed to have a spiritual union instead. What kind of engagement ring would you get for a billionaire anyway?

Although you may not be able to afford a diamond engagement ring that costs millions of dollars, you can certainly still find one well within whatever budget you have set. Many women would be happy with an inexpensive piece of metal as long as she has her man by her side. Also, if you choose to main engaged for two decades, then more power to you. There is no set rule on how long you can or cannot be engaged, so if you want to take twenty years to plan a wedding, then that is strictly your business.