Essential SEO Strategies To Boost Traffic To Your Website

By now, every Dick and Harry knows that in order to succeed online, you need to make as many eyes as possible to see your website. To do this, you need traffic and lots of it. Driving traffic to a website is one of the most profitable aspects of online business. Whether you are a corporate entity, a block and Mortar Company or an organization, you need traffic in order to raise awareness of your existence. You can hire an SEO expert from Vancouver as they take care of your traffic and attract more traffic towards your business.

While there are many techniques practiced by many webmasters, some are ethical while some are not. The success of your traffic driving campaign depends on a lot of factors.

Create Keyword Relevant Content
First, you need to make sure that you have relevant keywords in your website. This means that you need to make sure that the keywords you use in your text match what the visitor will type in the search engines to find your information. This is very important because it’s very easy to manipulate the keywords into appearing in your site if you know how. This is called keyword stuffing and is very easy to do and is highly frowned upon by the search engines. Therefore, I recommend that you do not do this unless you are sure you can do it effectively and safely. Try to get the keywords that are popularly searched by users and also look to see if someone has already done the keyword work for you and what keywords you can use that have keywords that are related.

Create As Many Links As Possible
You cannot make your internet presence known without broadcasting to the world about your website. This is done by building back links to your web pages. Back links are ranking factors as far as search enging optimization is concerned. A link is like a vote. This topic is a very wide and broad one and it is beyond the scope of this article. However, there is more to link building than most people think. If you know how to do this properly and effectively you will do very well in the search engine rankings. On the contrary though, your website might be penalized by search engines. The Google Penguin update back in 2012 is a very good example. I will explain what you need to do to build quality back links to your website.

Anchor Text In Your Links
Create a lot of links back to your site. You will also want to make sure that the anchor text contains the keywords you are targeting but also make sure that you use as many variants as possible to avoid repetition which may make the links look unnatural in the eyes of search engines. I recommend that you make as many links as possible with the anchor text that you will use for the back link. Make sure you not only create as many links as possible but also make sure the anchor text has relevant keywords as the page that the link is linking to. Also make sure you build links to the page that is linking to your website.

Link Position And Placement
The goal is to make the links appear as natural as can be. A page with nothing but links is not natural and as such is considered spammy. A link from a page with content that is not relevant to your website is spammy. Not only will the search engines disregard those but can punish such practices as well. Make sure that your links are in good places. This will make it easy for the search engine to find all your links. This is good for your site because you will be known and also it is good for the search engine because they will be able to find all your pages that are linking to you.

Avoid Site-wide Links
Back in the day, footer links, sidebar links etc were one of the major ways to acquire thousands of back links but not anymore since the Google Penguin update. I know an SEO company in Houston Texas who put their links into the footer of their clients’ websites in order to showcase and claim credits for building those websites. There is nothing bad about claiming credits for a good job though. If you must have site wide links, then you would want to use the nofollow attribute. 

Link To Authority Websites
Also try to make sure that the website that you are linking to is a popular site. You can use popular best free press release sites, or you can link to private blog sites that are made for you. Whatever you use, make sure that it is high quality back links. The goal here is to try to get as many good links as you can. Remember that if you can get a good back link from a page that has a lot of traffic, it will be much better for your site.