European Style Bathroom Renovation

Are you planning to make a cozy, comfortable, stylish bathroom in your apartment or house that fully complies with European standards? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our store bathroom stores near me.

Specialists of the bathroom supply store “New Bathroom Style” are pleased to offer you bathroom vanities at the highest quality level and a large collection of medicine cabinet with mirror and lights.

Renovation of a bathroom with European traditions

So, what does it mean to make a “European Style Repair”? Earlier, the European furniture quality standards were considered high. Now European renovation is something more. First of all, it implies the use of materials that meet European quality standards. Naturally, such materials are not cheap. Bathroom vanity stores near me, “New Bathroom Style, offers you many furniture options to save money. When ordering a piece of 36 inch bathroom vanity or 84 inch bathroom vanity from us, you get vanities, cabinets, mirrors, and shower fixtures at a price lower than the market average. And our suppliers are fully responsible for the quality of materials. Purchase is carried out directly from our partner factories. At the same time, we guarantee the complete safety of materials, for which there are appropriate certificates.

In addition to materials and furniture, the renovation is distinguished

by its exclusivity

This is where it is essential to order a design project. You may turn to professional designers. They will create a unique project for your bathroom. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the three-dimensional image of the bathroom after the renovation in advance and make your adjustments. At the same time, the design project provides for all possible nuances, including the whole consumption of materials, which will also save money. Suppose the design project provides for the need to redevelop or combine a bathroom. In that case, the contractors will prepare an appropriate scheme, and lawyers will easily coordinate it with the necessary authorities. Renovation implies the implementation of a bathroom in a particular style solution. It can be Loft, Provence, country, classic, Gothic, and many others. The designers will also help you to choose a specific style based on your preferences and wishes.

Don’t forget about plumbing

 It should be not only modern but also of high quality. Renovation necessarily implies the presence of imported sanitary equipment. If the bathroom is large enough, a jacuzzi can be installed. If the dimensions do not allow that, you can install a shower cabin in the bathroom with various functions to enable you to carry out water procedures comfortably. Do not forget about decorating the room. It should also be done in a European style. Depending on the type, you can use ceramic tiles, bricks, and other high-quality materials as finishing materials. Whatever repair option you prefer, the managers of New Bathroom Style will advise you on the best options and offers the best furniture to make any of your dreams come true.

Turnkey bathroom renovation

When a professional bathroom renovation is required, specialists will come to the rescue. Professional contractors use only the most innovative repair methods with extensive experience in carrying out any complexity level repair work.

An indicator of the contractor’s Tor’s professionalism is the numerous gratitude of clients. You may check them on Google, Yelp, or other reviews websites. It is also good if you know people who have already worked with them and can give an appropriate recommendation.

Turnkey professional bathroom renovation

Turnkey renovation involves a full range of works aimed at transforming your bathroom. The work involves designers, planners, plumbers, electricians, tilers, and other work isn’t It isn’t easy to imagine a high-quality and beautiful renovation today without a design project. don’t skimp on creating it. You will be able to see the result of the future reincarnation in a three-dimensional image even before the start of work and significantly save money. The design project reflects the whole consumption of materials, so you never waste anything extra. As for the materials directly, the contractor can purchase from their partners, wholesale suppliers of materials from leading American and European manufacturers. This means the guarantee of complete safety and the highest quality. All materials have corresponding certificates. 

Renovation work begins with dismantling old coatings, removing furniture and accessories, as well as plumbing. Then we start decorating the walls. You can use tile. This option is preferred by most of homeowners. Because although it is more expensive, it is durable. If the budget does not allow it, finishing can be done with plastic panels or waterproof wallpaper. These are the most budget finishes. The ceiling can be made in absolutely any style. We recommend ceramic tiles as flooring. Again, it all depends on the budget and the style you choose. Professional electricians carry out the replacement of wiring and connection of equipment. Experienced plumbers do plumbing. They will change all engineering communications and pipes in strict accordance with technologies and building codes, which guarantees complete safety.