Even the Biggest Hipsters Today Like Engagement Rings Too!

There are many different styles of engagement rings to choose from when you decide to tie the knot. Many of these styles are popular among brides today, but it strictly depends on your personal sense of style and taste. There certainly is something for everyone right down the road at your local jewelry store.

Vintage engagement rings are increasing in popularity. We have now coined the term “hipster” recently in our great nation. Hipsters are a certain breed of men and women who are usually in their twenties and thirties. They are unique in that they support progressive politics, creativity, and counter culture, appreciation of indie-rock music, independent thinking, intelligence and witty banter. This way of life is actually a state of mind. It is almost like a religion and has certainly been compared to a cult before. Their wardrobes usually consist of vintage finds in your neighborhood dumpsters and little treasures discovered in local thrift stores. Their fashion sense is not mainstream by any means.

They have created their own “uniforms” to wear that allow them to express their creative sides that do not follow social norms. Some may call their outfits outlandish or tacky, but to the hipster, they are making a statement with everything they do from their wardrobe to their hair styles. They reject mainstream beliefs and attitudes while pulling off an “effortless cool” look… In their opinions. These hipsters are the kind of people who would really enjoy a vintage diamond engagement ring. This kind of ring possesses many unique features that could be compared to vintage clothing or any antique from way back when. They often include a halo of diamonds around the center stone that adds to the luster and brilliance of the tiny stone. There is also a lot of very detailed and intricate design work involved in the bands of these rings. They give off a very busy vibe because there is so much going on.

At the end of the day, you will certainly find a ring based on what your significant other will find attractive. No matter her personal taste and style, she will love the ring almost as much as she loves and adores you. Make sure you cherish every single you moment you have with that person. Since you are spending the rest of your life with them, there is no reason not to let them know every single day that you are stupid crazy in love with them.