Everything to know about Corona Virus

WHO has named coronavirus as COVID- 19? WHO, also declared that the coronavirus is one of the most dangerous and fast-spreading virus. You can visit the website of WHO if you want to find out more in detail. Coronavirus has spread in over 30 countries and infected thousands of people worldwide. But what is this coronavirus? How can we be safe from it? Is it deadly? There are many rumors going around about this virus. One should not believe in the rumors. Here we bring you all the correct information regarding the coronavirus.

Origination of Coronavirus

The coronavirus was first identified in the 1960s. The other type of coronavirus which is named COVID- 19 was identified in a wet market in Wuhan city of China. The place is a food market where seafood is sold. It has been found out that the coronavirus spread from bats to some other animals and from other animals to humans. It took about a week to recognize the coronavirus.

Symptoms of coronavirus

The coronavirus can start with minor coughing, headache, fever, or all of these.  This slowly leads to respiratory problems. The symptoms include symptoms of the common cold but are not cured by the common cold medication. The severity increases to kidney failure and finally death if not treated on time.


The coronavirus can be very easily transmitted from one person to another. Some scientists have confirmed can it can also be transmitted from a pregnant mother to an unborn child. The coronavirus usually spreads through the particles of cough and sneeze from the patient to another person. When the other person comes in contact with these particles, then he becomes a patient too.

Dangers of virus

Coronavirus is not a deadly virus in itself if it is treated before it spreads a lot. As soon as a patient comes to know about the coronavirus, he should start getting treatment for it. If not treated on time, it can spread to different body parts and ultimately cause the death of the infected person.

Prevention from virus

The precautions you should take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are very easy to follow. You should avoid eating non-vegetarian food. You should wash your hands as often as possible with medicated soap for at least 15 seconds. Avoid people who cough and sneeze. When you feel like coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth with your hands. If possible, stay inside your house most of the time. Avoid being in contact with animals.

Recovery from Virus

Yes, it is possible to recover from this virus. The only thing that you need is awareness. Just when you feel like someone around you is getting the symptoms of common cold and coughs, make sure to take them to the doctor not for cold or flu but get them tested for the coronavirus. If the results turn out to be positive, the treatment should be started at that very moment and the patient should be quarantined. If the treatment is right, then the patient will recover very quickly.

Coronavirus may prove to be deadly for some people unfortunately but if proper precautions are taken against it, then the coronavirus can be prevented. If you are in a country that is affected by the coronavirus then make sure to stay indoors unless it is necessary to go outside. Scientists are working day and night to find a cure for this virus. So, in this difficult time, we can give support to each other by spreading the information related to the coronavirus to as many people as possible.