Everything you need to know about NCERT Exemplar

When you study from the syllabus of NCERT for your exams, you certainly have seen the terms like NCERT books and NCERT exemplar solutions. However, you may not know anything specifically about those two and also why they are different from each other.

So, to help you out, here are NCERT example solutions and NCERT textbooks and the important things about them.

What are NCERT textbooks?

While studying under the syllabus of NCERT, you will get each topic of each subject in the textbooks provided with a detailed explanation. Those explanations given in the textbooks will give you a proper understanding of the topic while needed.

Thus, you can prepare yourselves for your board exams.

What are NCERT exemplar solutions and why are they important?

The NCERT exemplar is actually the special practice sets or books that include some extra yet important questions of a higher level. These are meant for helping the students to learn their subjects deeply.

Those examples are very helpful for the exams like JEE mains and also JEE Advanced exams. This special practice set is known as the NCERT exemplar solutions usually contains conceptual sums that can easily cover the exams of the CBSE board and also several competitive exams.

These solutions also contain certain in-depth sums to help the aspirants. So, it is really helpful for many students for better preparation and understanding of the given topics.

This special example is specially designed for competitive exams. It will provide you with many new concepts, MCQs, and certain questions for developing your skills. This will also help you to generalize the important concepts and give you the ability to correctly answer several concept-based questions.

The NCERT exemplar solutions are mainly developed to give both the students and the teachers more difficult problems and also the power to properly apply the theories learned in class.

The importance of NCERT exemplar solutions

Maximum numbers of students become very nervous during the preparation of exams. It is important for every student to choose an accurate source of information to get better marks in the exams. So, to avoid getting the wrong source, they must go for the NCERT exemplar solutions. The reasons are:

  1. Written in easy language

Those solutions are written in a very easy language while going through some extensive research for years. Thus, the students can get all the important information in a single book written in a very easy language.

  1. Information is credible

All the information provided by the NCERT exemplar solutions is written after extensive research. Thus, the information provided in those books is completely authentic.

  1. Practice a lot

We all know that practice makes a man perfect. So, you can practice more and more as these NCERT exemplar solutions provide many questions at the end of the topics to help you in your practice.

  1. Strong and clear basics

These exemplar solutions provided by NCERT have some added information of a higher level. So, this will help you to have a clear and strong idea about the basics of every topic.

  1. Have standard questions

All of these NCERT exemplar solutions have several standard questions with some added information. This will help the learners to get a better grip on each subject.

Thus, it can be said that the NCERT exemplar solutions can help the candidates a lot to become successful in both their board as well as competitive exams.

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