Everything you need to know concerning acute care surgery

Did you know that various medical conditions require a different type of care? In most cases in the emergency department, medical conditions are classified into three categories: those that need urgent care, immediate care, and nonemergency. For instance, intestinal blockage and appendicitis are some of the medical conditions that require direct care. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with intestinal obstruction or appendicitis and seek can, you do not have to remain stranded because Upper East Side acute surgery is here for you. The health care providers are specialists in critical care and therefore offer acute care surgery. Below is all you are required to know concerning acute care surgery.

What is acute care surgery?

The primary focus of acute care surgery is providing emergency medical interventions for severe conditions. The health care team includes qualified specialists in critical care and acute care surgery. These specialists have skills and training to determine if your condition is emergency or non-emergent. They also make amicable decisions concerning patient care and surgery.

What are some conditions that require acute care surgery?

Acute care surgery can be performed to treat various medical conditions. Some of the most common conditions that may require surgical procedure are:

·         Intestinal obstructions

It refers to the occlusion of your small or large intestines. When your intestines are blocked, it reduces the movement of waste and food along your gastrointestinal tract. Due to the accumulation of food in your intestinal tract, your bowel may become perforated, leaking the content into your abdominal cavity. It, therefore, predisposes you to severe infections. During your surgery, the health care team removes the blockage and repairs any perforated part of your intestines.

·         Perforated ulcers

Perforated ulcers are tiny holes in your duodenum or stomach lining wall. In such a situation, you require emergency surgery.

·         Appendicitis

Appendicitis refers to the inflammation of your appendix, which is a tinny pouch on the lower right side of the abdomen. An inflamed appendix causes severe abdominal pain. If appendicitis is not treated, it can burst, which can cause serious complications, and acute care surgery is essential.

·         Diverticulitis

Inflammation of small pouches that form on your colon wall is referred to as inflammation. Therefore, if you have severe perforation, infection, or recurrent diverticulitis, your health care provider performs surgery.

What should you expect during acute care surgery?

The health care providers in the facility take a holistic and patient-centered approach to care to prevent complications. They begin by creating an excellent patient-doctor relationship through which you are educated and counseled about your medical condition and why you need surgery. The surgeons are passionate about practicing medicine and view surgery as a tool they use to save their patients’ lives and health.

Acute care surgery is essential for emergency conditions because it prevents serious health complications. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with a particular disease that requires attentive and immediate care and seeks acute care surgery, you can start by calling or consulting the Surgical Specialists of NY today.