Excellent Design Ideas and DIY Plans for Your Pavilion in the Backyard 

When you want to create a magical space in your backyard, you can build a pavilion. You can enjoy romantic nights with your partner or spend summer evenings chilling with your friends in the pavilion. Your backyard pavilion can also be used for events like reunions and family weddings. Let us brainstorm some excellent ideas for your backyard pavilion.

Additional Kitchen- 

Your pavilion can play the role of an additional kitchen. The traditional design of the pavilion with four pillars made out of alpine wood can include a kitchen. The small kitchen area, including a barbeque on the side, can provide a relaxed and charming preparation of meals. The dining area can be provided with much charm and laughter.

Pavilion at Poolside- 

When you have added a pavilion at your poolside, your summer experience can be turned into an entirely new dimension. If the pavilion is properly furnished, you will provide an ambiance of the resort in your home easily. Moist feet tramping can therefore be avoided through your house after each dip in the pool.

Add Hammock- 

For enhancing the relaxed feeling in your backyard, you can add a hammock. The uniquedeck.com can provide you with the best architectural design for your pavilion. You can add throws and cushions according to the occasion and season. Your hammock can be created into a special romantic nook or a tranquil reading space.

Shaded Backyard Pavilion-

 The shaded pavilion can be made out of heavy wood that can provide a forested look. If a picnic table is added to the pavilion, an excellent touch can be added. The airy feeling can be enjoyed with huge protection from heat. This outdoor design will allow you to serve barbeque preparations to your guests with utmost relaxation. Privacy can also be enjoyed with the shaded pavilion in your backyard.

Instant Upgrade of the Yard- 

Your pavilion can be surrounded by shrubs and trees that create an elegant environment. Your breakfast in the morning and tea in the evening can be enjoyable in the secluded area of the garden. No need to build an excessively tall pavilion for treating yourself. Obvious things like a small cozy area in the garden will work best for you.  While feeling the cool breeze and hearing the chirping of the birds, you can go to a new world.

Include Blinds- 

When you want privacy in your pavilion, you can include blinds. You will not have to worry about the neighbors peeking into your pavilion now and then. Peace of mind and solitude can easily be attained through the blinds. When you are using the right pair of blinds, your pavilion will provide a beautiful look and feel.


All the above design ideas will help you to create a magical space in your garden or backyard. Be it a family gathering, or a party with friends, your pavilion can provide you with the best use. Adding a kitchen with barbeque is a very good idea when you need to serve food outside to your friends and family. When you add shades or blinds, you can enjoy the cool breeze by avoiding the hot sun.