Expert Tips to Find and Choose the Best Bypass Surgery Hospital

The percentage of heart diseases in India has seen a sharp rise in the last few years. Bad eating habits, stress, late working hours and lack of exercise are the main reasons for the increase in heart problems.  Bypass heart surgery is one such procedure that many heart patients need to undergo to avoid the chances of a heart attack. However, choosing the right bypass surgery hospital in India can be a difficult task. A number of factors need to be considered before selecting a bypass surgery hospital. So, in this blog, we discuss some essential points to consider when looking for a bypass surgery hospital in India.

Review of the Hospital

The first point that you need to check is the reviews that the hospital received. Though your decision shouldn’t entirely be based on the reviews, you can get some clarity about the quality of treatment provided by the hospital. Shortlist two to three best bypass surgery hospitals and compare their reviews to get better about which hospital will best suit your purpose. Also, you can also ask for some references from your friends and family so that you make the right decision.

Team of Doctors

The team of doctors that a hospital is also another critical point to consider. Check the list of bypass surgery specialists in India and check whether the team has any expert surgeon who you can trust. Check the specialization, qualifications, experience of the doctors working in the hospital. In addition, check whether the doctor has any legal issues in the past before making the final decision.

The infrastructure of the Hospital

Check the infrastructure of the hospital to ensure that you avoid choosing a hospital that is unhygienic and not well-maintained. Considering the serious health condition, it is essential to ensure that the patient gets the best of everything to avoid any complications or infections. If possible, visit the hospital to check the facilities available. Go for a hospital that has 24-hour pharmacy, ICU beds and emergency units with the latest technology.

Location of the Hospital

If you are travelling to a different city, make sure you check the location of the hospital. Choose a hospital that is close to the airport, hotels, and other major transportation facilities. The reason is if there is an emergency, there should be a comfortable means of transportation available for the patient. Select a hospital that is close to your hotel for the convenience of the patient and attendant.

Availability of Blood Banks

Before shortlisting a hospital, check whether they have a functional blood blank. As bypass surgery is a major operation, you need to be prepared to handle any situation. Even if the surgery is successful, the patient may require a blood transfusion. Availability of a blood bank will ensure that you don’t need to look somewhere else.

Last Few Words

Those were some of the essential factors to consider when looking for a bypass surgery hospital in India. Checking the points above will ensure that the surgery is completed successfully without any complications.


Bypass surgery is a complicated procedure. The blog lists some important points to consider when looking for a bypass surgery hospital in India.

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