Exploring the Benefits of Compounded Topical Pain Creams: Targeted Relief for Localized Pain    

Pain is a daily reality for millions of Americans. Approximately 59% of US citizens are living with some form of pain, the most prevalent being back aches. To make the agony stop, even momentarily, the majority of people turn to traditional pain relief solutions like OTC meds. But you might be better off turning to compounded topical pain creams which offer targeted relief, and many other advantages that you might not get from these contemporary remedies. So how are compounded topical pain creams any better than traditional solutions? Find out as we explore some of the top benefits that are sure to convince you to switch over fast. 

Higher effectiveness of treatment

Let’s consider the case of oral pain meds or opioids. These have to be ingested and broken down in the stomach before they even make it into the bloodstream where the material can then circulate to the target site. The problem with this route of administration is that the drug undergoes degradation hence some of it doesn’t make it to circulation. Moreover, this entire process takes quite a bit of time so there’s a delayed onset of relief. 

With compounded  medication, that isn’t the case. They don’t undergo metabolism first, instead, your system absorbs the compound directly via the skin barrier, at the exact point or site of action. The elements sip into the bloodstream and provide localized relief within just that area or zone. 

With a better rate of absorption compared to oral remedies, topical drugs can provide relief in a much shorter period. Sometimes, they are so fast-acting that the pain relief effect of some compounded topical drugs can provide almost instant reprieve for different types of pain, including those arising from muscular/ligament problems and nerve compression. 

You’re less likely to get addicted  

How many people get addicted to pain medication? So many that the National Institute of Health has branded it a “global disaster.” 16 million people worldwide are battling with an opioid use disorder (OUD), with this type of addiction accounting for close to 6 in every 10 cases of prescription drug abuse. 

Topical pain creams decrease your likelihood of getting hooked on medication due to the following reasons: 

  • Smaller medication window: Since they are highly effective, you’ll have to be on them for a shorter period compared to contemporary pain meds
  • It offers a less addictive route of administration compared to ingestion. The taste of certain drugs can also play a role in activating the pleasure reward system in our brains. Eliminating the ability to taste pain medication can go some way toward reducing the appeal of pain meds
  • Because they are more effective, you can manage pain on just a fraction of the dosage you would need with other routes of administration 

A 2018 NIH report backs our findings. In comparison with parenteral and oral pain administration, this report proved that drugs that go into the system via transdermal/topical injects result in a lower addiction risk. 

Topical creams get around oral issues

Many people are not big a fan of pain pills, and oral drugs in general for that matter. For other patients, the problem could be beyond their control. Oral issues such as dysphagia and nausea/vomiting can rule out oral pain meds. 

Compounded topical creams eliminate the need for oral drug ingestion. Patients who have trouble ingesting pills, or simply desire an alternative for preference’s sake, can leverage these creams to work around their conditions or wants. All without having to sacrifice the efficacy of the drug. 

If you’re struggling to make pain meds go down easily, compounded topical medications have your name all over them. They are also ideal when you are allergic to certain ingredients in the medication. For example, compound pharmacists can provide lactose-free solutions if you are intolerant or allergic to lactose. 

Fewer symptoms to deal with 

Do pain relievers have side effects? Yes. Some of the short-term consequences of pain meds include nausea, constipation, and even stomach trouble, more so for highly potent concentrations meant to numb high levels of pain. 

There’s a lot more to worry about than a few discomforts if you take pain medication long-term. They can adversely affect important organs in your body such as the: 

  • Heart
  • Kidney
  • Liver

While topical medication can still result in side effects or discomforts, they are not quite to the same severity. For example, since compounded topical drugs don’t need to be ingested, they are spared a trip to the digestive tract, so they can’t adversely interact with acids and the stomach lining resulting in gastrointestinal difficulties. 

What’s more, many patients who’ve tried compounded pain creams and oral pain creams reported experiencing more tolerable symptoms.  

Fewer trips to the doctor’s office

One option for managing pain is through injectables, which a physician administers when you visit the hospital. Not everyone fancies a trip to the doctor’s office. Aside from sometimes being unpleasant, they can also derail a busy schedule and cause major inconvenience. 

Compounded topical pain creams are a great alternative to injections. They are simple to administer and, with a little education, you can practically do that on your own without having to check in with your doctor at their care facility. So fewer trips to the doctor’s office and more time and effort spared. 

Whether you have a fear of needles or simply crave more convenience for your lifestyle, compound topical pain creams come through either way. From the hospital’s point of view, there’s less strain or pressure on the healthcare system so they can serve more patients. 

Deal with pain more effectively through compounding

Now you know just why compounded topical pain creams are the better way compared to oral pain medications, as well as some of the benefits that they bring to the table overall. Topical pain creams offer faster relief within a short time and can help you avoid allergic reactions. They also reduce the risk of addiction while proving a more suitable option if you’re looking for fast-acting relief when dealing with acute or severe pain. For compounded topical creams to vanquish the pain hanging over your life, visit the Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy website for assistance.