Exquisite Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Add Flair To The Space  

A kitchen is one of the most, if not the most, functional spaces of your home. And it becomes essential to light up this space accordingly. You’ll be carrying out a lot of tasks here that will require quite an intense lighting. And there will be times when you won’t really need a focussed light, but the overall lighting still has to be bright enough to help you out. Layered lighting is a lighting technique that is most commonly used to give spaces like these an exceptional touch of functionality as it covers all three elements in your kitchen – ambient lighting, functional lighting and accent lighting.

Layered lighting is definitely a go-to option, but it depends on your space too on how you can accommodate the lighting designs. Layered lighting can slightly saturate your space if you don’t have a lot of area to spare in your kitchen. And that’s why we list out all the lighting designs that can add a distinct flair to your living space, and you decide which one works best for you based on their purpose and functionality. Now, sit back and take a look at everything we have for you…

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are definitely a must in a space like kitchen as an overhead lighting design sets the tone of your place and balances the overall lighting too. Lighting designs like chandeliers, ceiling lights and pendant lights are all perfect and can beautifully blend into your existing decor too. There are various kinds of hanging lights you can find out there, with some being slightly ambient and some very functional. Either ways, hanging lights do work out for this space as they add the general lighting to your kitchen too.

Track Lighting

There are chances that you may not be able to accommodate a hanging light in your kitchen due to various reasons. An apt alternative is track lighting as it is not just functional but it brings a high customisable factor too. The lighting units on the track can be moved and adjusted just the way you like and that is why track lighting is a really good option too.

Table Lamp

If you have a countertop, an island, or a spare counter in your kitchen that you think looks too bland, then you can definitely go ahead and place a table lamp as it helps with the soft lighting too. Whenever your kitchen is not being used, you can use a table lamp to add ambient lighting to the space and believe us when we say this, it will look absolutely gorgeous.

Wall lights

When it comes to a kitchen, you really can’t spare a lot of space on the ground or on the counters and that is why you will have to utilize other parts of your kitchen too, especially the ceiling and walls. Wall lights are a really good option when you want some good mid-level lighting. While wall lights themselves are quite functional, there are options that are available with a downlight and it can bring an added functional touch with its focussed light.