Facilities to look into top residential school

Before selecting the best boarding school we should keep some points in our mind.

It should be pollution free and lush green campus for the students. It should be in peaceful environment.

Convenience: There should be good transport facility for visiting, So that visitors can easily visit the school.

Accommodation and Food: For the students of the best boarding school accommodation should be good for the children. Means there should be a convenient arrangement for the students. The best boarding school should be keep in mind the food quality and cleanliness of the students. Meals and snacks are available in the school kitchen and serving hygienically cooked food. Milk should be served three times to the students.

Curriculum: It should be based on CCE. It should be designed to keep in mind boarding school students. For the best boarding school curriculum should be learning by doing, experienced based and activity based.

Inculcation of social and moral values: As we know that in the best boarding school students are our responsibility so it is our duty to inculcate the moral and social values in the students.

Medical Facility: It is an important point and in the best boarding school there is a qualified doctor and a nurse. Parents must provide full and correct information of the child in the medical form. We should provide the information to parents about a child’s health.

Library: In the best boarding school there is a modernized library with good collection of books. All types of books, magazines and journals are provided in the library .The best boarding school library includes thousands of books on various subjects and topics. The books, magazines and journals are ensuring that students are up to date on current affairs.

Entertainment and Outing: We should keep in mind the entertainment of students. We should take them to the trips and outing. There should be an outing twice in a month. Parents can come on alternate Sunday and spend a quality time with their children. There should be a common room in the hostel block and has a television and an audio system. Appropriate movies are shown to the students.

Sports: Sports play a great role in our life as it keeps us healthy, wealthy and active. The best boarding school must provide the good facility regarding sports. Well trained coaches and sports equipment’s should be provided to the students.