Factors to consider when choosing the Right Property in Bedford

The natural beauty and proximity to London make Bedford an appealing place to live in especially for families. The regeneration and development projects around the embankment of the river Great Ouse have significantly changed its reputation. Prices of property in Bedford are comparatively lower than in other parts. Estate agents in Bedford can be of great help when viewing luxury properties for sale in Bedford.

Choosing a property is an amalgamation of three factors what you want, what you can purchase and what is at your disposal. A property buyer’s reason for investing in a property may vary according to his requirements, but most often a buyer’s decision is swayed to an extent by location, size and budget.

Here are some top most important factors to consider while choosing a property


For an overwhelming majority of buyers, location is the top priority when finding a perfect home. There are online tools for area comparisons, assisting you in figuring out, which areas will be most suited to your needs. These tools provide information on average prices of property, good schools, and happiness scores, and even compare two areas you might have chosen.

Size of the Property

Another major prerequisite while choosing a property is its size. The size does have a large impact on its popularity, whether it is for a first-time home buyer, hoping for a two-bedroom instead of one, or a person wanting to downsize from luxury to utility space.

Amenities and schools

The shopping locations, restaurants eateries and good schools are something which every buyer searches for as a priority for his perfect home. Bedford has a big selection of original and chain of eating joints in the town. The choice of schools in Bedford is also good ranging from independent to state schools for all age groups.

Garden/Outdoor space

Although having a garden is a luxury in some parts of London, a house with a garden or any outdoor space is important to a lot of property buyers when they are choosing their ideal property.


Easy parking is also one of the considerations when choosing a property. New construction of buildings now comes with parking spaces in their development while the older buildings offer a first come first serve basis for parking outside the property on the road. In most of the London boroughs, parking permits are available although there are still many places where parking on roads is free and open and available.

Transport Links

It is good to find out the accessibility of the transport links before buying a property in any area. The cost of fares and the frequency of buses and trains should also be researched by the buyers. If you are commuting to the city, the further you live the more expensive the fares will get, but this is balanced by cheaper rates of property.

Council Tax Band

The council tax varies greatly from borough to borough, and also by council tax band. The values of new properties are calculated on numerous factors including size and location. At the outset, the taxes of the council band were calculated using property values from 1991

Bathroom Size

Another perception, albeit a subjective one is that bathrooms and kitchens sell a property. Although it may not be high on the list of some people, the size of a bathroom does feature in home buyers’ list for an ideal home.

Freehold and Leasehold Property

Take into consideration what kind of property is on offer, a freehold or a leasehold one. The difference between the two is that you buy the right to occupy the property for a defined period of time in a leasehold. A freehold is when you own the whole property and the land it sits on.

Final Thoughts

A house is a huge financial asset. It takes a lot of effort and time to own your perfect ideal home. Thoughtful considerations,  perseverance and patience will get you your dream home sooner than you expect.