Living a life according to a productive routine is a hard task particularly, in this digital era. Today, all of our time is consumed by mobile phones and we are trying hard to get rid of such habits, right? What about kids? They can be stopped before they reach adulthood and become as lazy and unproductive as they are now. Well, FamilyTime App offers many features that can be used to make your children use their phones responsibly. Especially, its time control features are a huge help for parents.


Your kid should have slept by 12 but what is it? They are still awake at 2. Well, it can be even later than this and they will still be awake. This is what a mobile phone does, you lose track of time when using it. Particularly when it comes to kids, they just don’t want to get off it. What do you do in such a situation? Tell them to sleep and leave the phone? Well, this can feel like you are not giving them personal space and entering their room even at night. Secondly, scolding them, again and again, will make them desensitized to your words. 

Here is where you need time control features. Particularly, using a specific bedtime control feature proves to be more effective in this case. 


Just like the bedtime locks, you need to tell your kids the homework time is for homework not for using mobile phones. Well, this has now become a norm. It is hard for kids and teens to take their eyes away from screens. And if it keeps happening like this, they will have zero sense of responsibility even when they are adults. 

So, you have to stop them from today. The best thing you can do is to use these controls when they have started using a phone in their childhood. Every day when their homework time starts, the phone will be locked (their screen will show homework lock). This will teach them and develop a habit of leaving the cell phone when the time starts.     


Just like the bedtime and homework time locks, there is a dinner time lock, too. You should use it to strengthen their behavior from the very start. And if they already have developed the bad habits of sticking to their phones during mealtime, this can again be used as a good control strategy. Moreover, this app offers custom locks. This means you can instantly lock your child’s phone with a custom name so that they may know. 

This can be used when there is a family gathering and you want your kids to be around or you want them to spend time doing some other activities.   


FamilyTime’s internet time schedules are wonderful. They are so customizable, facilitative, and easy to set. There are three types of them. 

Weekdays schedules: you can choose any weekday and set a particular time slot during which they can use their cell phone. 

Weekend schedule: Set a different schedule for the weekend’s internet usage as your kids will have a different routine during the weekend. 

Customized schedules: Choose any day and add more time slots for them to use the internet. 

This way you will be able to set a specific routine for your kids where they can use their phones only according to the set time schedule.  


Like internet schedules, you can also set time for daily app usage. Apps play an equal part in making your child addicted to the phone along with the internet. Gaming addiction is now a recognized disorder. So, before your kids become addicted to the usage of cell phones, social media, or any gaming apps, set daily time limits for them. How does it work? 

You set a time limit for individual apps and they will be automatically blocked once the time limit is met. 

This is just about time limit features. There is a lot about the FamilyTime app that you will love to know. Check out the details on its official website. Also, you can download it from the App Store or Play Store if you want.