Here’s how the famous male model Karan Oberoi stays into shape! Are you ready to steal his fitness secrets?

If you’re looking for some motivation to hit the gym or go for a run, look no more, we’ve got you sorted. India’s leading male model KO, whose full name is Karan Oberoi, is a perfect man who can motivate  you in seconds. So before we move further and share his fitness schedule and regime..why don’t you browse  Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ images on google?

model KO aka Karan Oberoi Close up

KO is known for his distinctive style, attractive looks and muscular body who has touched the popularity charts in Indian modeling circuit and now holds international fame when it comes to style and fitness. Karan Oberoi is also is one of the most followed model till date on social media and holds prestigious titles such as ‘top fitness model’ and ‘ body’.

I am sharing some of the fitness secrets that I got to know while watching his fitness interviews:

model KO aka Karan Oberoi Close up

  1. Karan Oberoi ‘KO’keeps his model body in shape with regular Kickboxing classes. He believes kickboxing helps in stretching the body and its also a natural activity, where you enjoy too while playing or practicing the sport.
  2. Karan Oberoi’s model also confirmed in his fitness videos that his routine is composed of 30% weight training and 70% dependent upon diet. Workouts range from an hour to an hour 45 mins and are spread over six days and one day holiday.
  3. If you are new to fitness and you want to have abs then the most important thing that you need to know is that running plays a major role in attaining those solid abs. The fact is, everyone has abs according to Karan, it’s just that they aren’t visible because they are covered with fat skin layer, so when you start running gradually you start losing fat from your belly region which ultimately gives rise to those muscles which are known as abs.
  4. Abs are made of a disciplined lifestyle, what we mean by this is eating in discipline and in fact according to Karan we all need more dedication and discipline in our food eating habits rather than working out.

model Karan Oberoi5. Foods like almonds, broccoli, bananas, lean meat, green tea, and egg whites should be included in the diet.

6. Sodium that is salt intake needs to be restricted and at least 5 liters of water need to be consumed daily to get rid of water retention as excessive water in the body can lead to bloating that can hide your abs even if they are visible.

7. Karan Oberoi model believes Protein shake powders should be checked whether they have less or more sodium content. If the content is more than such protein powders should be discontinued. Moreover while using fitness supplements any sort of creatine supplement should also not to be consumed.

8. While targeting 6 pack abs make sure you are on a low calorie diet and burning more calories.

9. Small meals needs to be eaten through out the day including high protein and low carbohydrate foods. One should keep munching something but ensure that it is light and healthy.

model KO aka Karan Oberoi Close up