How to find best institutes offering diploma in hotel management

When it comes to higher education every student is faced with several problems related to understanding what they want to pursue, choosing a college, and securing admission into it. Currently, Hospitality industry is one of the most popular industries among Indian students. The expanding market has encouraged students to opt for various courses and choose a career in the industry. Hotel Management being one of its most popular courses in Hospitality industry.

Several thousands of institutes offering a wide range of courses under the field of hospitality have cropped up in almost every city across India. The increasing number of institutes has led to decrease in the overall quality of the education provided by them. Hence, it is necessary that a student keenly understands his options before choosing an institute for his higher education.

Some of the most popular institutes offering Diploma in Hotel Management programs is:

  • Jindal School of Hotel Management, Vadodara,
  • Inspire Academy, Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Business Management and Studies, Mumbai
  • JIS University, Agorpara, Kolkata
  • The Neotia University, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata
  • AIHM Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Greater Noida
  • Institute of Inspiration and Self Development, Salt Lake City, Kolkata
  • Enviroskills Academy, Panaji

Here is a list of few points students must keep in mind while selecting an institute for their hotel management program:

Check the track record: With the expanding online world it has become very convenient to check the authenticity of the claims made by any institute. You can go online and check reviews given to an institute by its alumni. Since a person that has already completed their course from it, they will be able to guide you about the inside working and teaching methods of the institute.

Get the institute’s history: Inquire about the background of the institute, its working and collaborations. Hospitality is a practical based field of study hence, it is necessary that the institute is associated with other organisations in the industry and provides educational programs that emphasis on practical training.

Training methodology: A good institute has a well-defined training methodology for the completion of the course in an easier to understand approach. Learn about the course material and supporting training material provided by the institute.

Faculty: A good training methodology can only be effective if utilised by dedicated faculty members. Only a well-rounded qualified professional with relevant experience in the industry can help you understand the depth of various subjects.

Syllabus: Different institutes use different syllabuses. Learn about the syllabus of the all the institutes that you are interested and compare them to understand which institute has the best and up-to-date syllabus. You should also know how practical oriented in the syllabus and how will it help you make an international career.

Placement: Every institute guarantees great placement opportunities hence, get an idea about the real placement opportunities offered by various institutes and how successful are their placement camps.

Fees: No matter how good is a course it is necessary that the fees for it is within your budget. Learn about the best courses available within your budget to analyse your best options before making the final decision.