Find the perfect summer outfit among Sleeper’s Atlanta styles

Combine Comfort and Elegance with Sleeper’s Atlanta Styles

With the summertime right around the corner, we all want to freshen up a little bit. The very first hint of spring means packing away all of the winter coats and switching to a more optimistic wardrobe that includes sporty rompers, flowy skirts, and graceful maxi dresses for women. For many girls, this time of the year is when they can finally get a well-desired rest and spend some time relaxing. But everybody wants to look great even when chilling under the sunrays! That is the reason why new styles, patterns, and trends are coming out each and every week, if not every day. It can be kind of hard to keep up with the constantly changing fashion scene. And here is where ​​Sleeper’s Atlanta styles came to help! 

Sleeper – founded in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine – is run by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. Their cooperation greatly reflects the main principle of the company, and that is to incorporate both the aesthetics and the coziness of the closing pieces. Providing clients all around the world with top-notch quality materials and memorable looks, that will give everybody around you an ever-lasting positive impression, Sleeper bases its approach to work on listening to its customers and constantly evolving. 

Neverending Versatility Of  Atlanta Lounge Suit

You probably heard of the Atlanta dress as it was storming all fashion-related social media pages a while ago. Well, this pajama-like set is almost like a cousin to the dress – they are both similar in their extreme cuteness, but have their own personalities. 

The Atlanta Lounge Suit continues to display the famous cottage-core vibes, but with a little twist. It has a lovely fitted bustier that reminds us of a Victorian corset. However, you don’t have to squish your ribs and other insides to make it fit – the fabric of the set is quite stretchy, which is rather helpful if you didn’t skip the dessert during dinner. The sleeves of the top are classic billowing sleeves that can make anyone feel like a princess or a forest pixie, practicing making love potions. They are somewhat ruffled at the bottom, giving your hands and the silhouette as a whole a clever accent. The shorts, which complete the set quite nicely, are very delicate. Although many girls face the problem of thin fabric being see-through, the material used for the set is exactly the right kind of thickness which will cover everything you need without having to be extra-manipulated.

Just like any other garment, this piece can be worn on multiple occasions:

  • going to brunch with your friends;
  • attending a summer-house party;
  • joining your family trip to the beach;
  • enjoying a cute picnic with your loved ones.

The family of Atlanta styles is the perfect combination for everything from strolls in the park to balmy nights in sunnier climes. Moreover, the lounge suit is available in colors like pink gingham, navy blue, light blue, and mint. Although the list is a little smaller than usual, it doesn’t change the fact that the pieces are as lovely as always.

It is so much easier to have a timeless classic in your wardrobe than to spend hours getting ready, and trying to search for something new in your closet. That is the key – if you have something of high-quality, that can give your body a charming outline, then you are all set! For example, a navy blue linen dress could be perfect for both a wedding and a walk on the sea coast.

Dressing Up or Dressing Down – How to Find Your Very Own Style

As was previously mentioned, the catch of the Atlanta Lounge Suit is that it can be transformed into a specific look, best fitting your current needs. You can try to change it up a little bit with the help of accessories and shoes. Even a small change can expand your vision and help you outdo yourself every time you dress up. 

For example, you can try wearing simple gold earrings and some rings with your set and you will have a perfect romantic date look. If you want to make it more casual, you can pair it up with a small, dainty backpack to fit your belongings and a cap in a similar color. This way your style will be considered more sporty, fun, and definitely less formal. If you are feeling somewhat dreamy, you can wear a bow and a cute pearly necklace, which will give you the needed material for a new Instagram post.

Aside from accessories, you can switch up your aesthetic with the following details:

  1. Shoes (like those loafers in the picture).
  2. Hair (space buns or a loose braid will make a difference).
  3. Makeup (bright-colored eyeliner or nose blush – depends on you).

Trust us, the spectrum can be quite wide with this one. You just have to find an original approach, if you want to be an eye-catcher in the crowd and win new hearts every time. 

Sleeper and Its Inclusive Philosophy

Social responsibility in businesses lately has become a modern fashion. Fortunately, Sleeper is one of those brands that don’t need an extra pat on the back as they strive for diversity no matter the trends. 

Whether you want to buy a navy blue linen dress or a pajama set, you will be met with welcoming hands, as the goal is to put the customer in the first place, while still managing to provide both quality and sustainable materials for all the products. Sleeper wants every body type and skin color to fill included and “invited to the party”, so they find the perfect color listings and sizes to almost any taste.

Moreover, the same respect goes out to the workers, that are creating the pieces in safe conditions with fair pay. The brand is highly committed to local production and supports the seamstresses and other employees in many ways. Probably, that is the main reason why Sleeper’s efforts are paying off with happy people both inside and outside the company.