Finding the Perfect Scent to Match Your Fashion Choices

When it comes to establishing your personal sense of style, the clothes you wear matter less than how you wear them. Style is more than clothes. It’s the full, unified approach to crafting your look. You don’t need to adhere to one single fashion type, either. You can wear clothes inspired by all decades and genres and still manage to put together a cohesive look. 

Style is far harder to define than fashion. You can be fashionable just by wearing the latest trending items and outfits. Style is a way of life. It’s a more nuanced approach to who you are that embodies every sense. It’s how shapes fit on your body, the colors, and the different combinations you make. Style is in the decisions you make every day. 

Since it’s a fully realized look, it’s not just how you look that matters, but also how you feel, sound, and smell. Touch is easy –make sure the clothes you wear are as high-quality as you can manage. 

Focussing on natural materials is always going to feel better than options like polyester (especially in summer). Sound again goes down to quality. Natural fabrics rustle less, and high-quality shoes sound better on the pavement. Smell, however, can trip people up. How do you go about finding the perfect scent to match your fashion choices? You use this guide: 

  • Expanding Your Scent Options 

One of the most challenging aspects of finding and then matching scents to your look is having a strong lineup in the first place. Going to a perfume store isn’t always a great option, especially if the overall scent of the store is overpowering and makes telling individual scents apart difficult. 

Once you do find your signature options, however, you’ll immediately want to start looking for cheaper ways to get those high-end items. You can buy for less at sites like for your chosen favorites, can buy in bulk, can get gift sets, or even choose smaller bottles if you like to mix things up regularly. 

  • Understand Scent Profiles 

Just as different color combinations help embody a feel, a time, and even an emotion, so too can scents. A bright, airy, and fruity scent is young, energetic, and a great way to match those maximalism looks that experiment with color and shapes. 

More nuanced, deeper scents that rely on flowers as their base are more mature and sophisticated and better suited for classic looks on a night out or a fancy dinner party. Then you have the woodsy scents that bring warmth to your scent profile, which can be dressed up or down to suit your mood. 

  • Matching Scents to Fashion vs Style 

If you want to find a scent that matches your style, you’re looking for a signature scent. You may have a few variations of this scent that carries you from day to night to resort. This means you choose a perfume that uses the same base scents. The difference is in how light, heavy, or nuanced the scent is to suit the occasion. 

However, The overall scent will be similar enough to feel like a single signature scent. Matching fashion, on the other hand, means pairing perfume with your look on a daily basis. This is how you can elevate each look to suit the overall impact you’re going for that day.