Five Top Reasons To Install CCTV In your Home

A surveillance system is mandatory for your home, especially if you live in the outskirts of the city. There are many reasons why you need to have a CCTV installed in your home, but in this article, you are given the top ten reasons.

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Now shall we look into the five top reasons to install CCTV in your home?

Keep A Watch On Elders And Children

You and your spouse are working professionals; but at work, you can keep an eye on the kids and elderly people. Agreed, a home is a home, but still there are many dangerous places such as the kitchen where a child can harm himself/herself with a knife. If you are living in an apartment, there will be a swimming pool which can put tiny tots in harm.

As a working professional, you will not have time to monitor the children throughout the day. So you will have to rely on babysitters. You can watch as to how the babysitter interacts with the children.

There may be elderly persons in the family who need special care to be given. A home nurse will be the best option and it is possible to monitor her services even from a remote location with the help of CCTV. If you are busy, then taped footage is available.


There is a myth that the cameras are very expensive and the systems are complicated to use. However, recent systems have very simple features. When compared with the cost of live security personnel, the cameras are affordable.


There is a proverb – Prevention is better than cure. You cannot change the attitude of robbers and thieves even if you have installed padlocks and fences. However, a CCTV will ensure that anybody with evil intentions think twice before committing the necessary action.

You may think that investing on a CCTV system is expensive, but if a physical assault because of theft happens in the family, then you stand to lose more. But a CCTV camera sends a clear message that you are hell bent on keeping your family safe and secure. If somebody indulges in unruly behavior, they have to face the law because of the recording footage. The thought will make the criminals nurture second thoughts to do negative tasks.

In case of a physical assault due to robbery at home, the law authorities will definitely try to gather witnesses and evidence. They will have to depend on the human brain to give information on the physical appearance of criminals and their modus operandi etc. However, a CCTV camera installation will give audio and visual proof in the recording. The process will become easier for the authorities.

Near to Impossible

Escaping from the cameras of CCTV is almost impossible. IF the cameras are set at appropriate positions then they will watch each other. All the blind spots are covered and in this method, monitoring of your home will happen. In short, the home will be converted to a safe and secure place for all the members.


Do you have a home shop? Is it popular and has set the cash ringing? Then you must have a cashier. Are you afraid in recent times, the cash has become less even though the sales are more? You cannot keep a tab on the cashier person, but you can definitely install a CCTV camera above to watch over the store.


Many crimes and thefts happen when you are not in your home. The biggest advantage of a CCTV is that you can access the happenings of the home even when you are not around. The CCTV can also be kept at an undisclosed location. When you see an intruder trespassing the home, you can take necessary steps to prevent damage.

There may be also an unfortunate situation, when in the home; a family elder above the age of 70 years may need emergency medical attention. With the help of a CCTV camera, since you already know the emergency, you can take appropriate action to facilitate the booking of ambulance with proper medical attention.


In recent times, capturing the present moment has become a trend. How else could you explain the popularity of selfies and video shoots? A CCTV camera is the best equipment that gives ample protection to your home. There may be some family members who may point the invasion of privacy, but do not forget the fact that it makes unruly persons curb their negative behavior.

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