Four Easiest Anger Control Tips

The Holy Prophet ( SAW) is the last messenger of Allah (SWT) who holds the most commemorated place in the hearts of Muslims.  He (SAW) devoted his whole life to the spread of Islam and the message of Allah (SWT).  He spent most of his life in the two twin cities of Saudi Arabia Makkah and Medinah.  These are the two twin Saudi cities where millions of Muslims head to perform their religious rituals.

The Holy Prophet (SAW)’s devoted lovers also pay a special visit to the Holy Grave of Prophet (SAW) present in Madinah.  However, in these troubling times of Corona panic, the Saudi Govt. has barred the God-fearers to enter their most desired and lovable worshipping sites.

The whole world is in a state of loss and anxiety.  Lockdowns, shutter downs, isolation, and quarantine have imprisoned us inside our houses.  But a true Muslim never loses hope from the mercy of Allah (SWT).  These summers are difficult. But these tough times would go away. And we would have a colorful healthy and Corona free winters for sure Insha’Allah. So gear up yourself to plan your long-desired spiritual umrah in October holidays with new hope and new change.

Lock down a Troubling Time

Nobody denies the fact of how difficult is to remain locked up inside our homes for days and months. The sense of long term imprisonment and isolation gets on our nerves and triggers worries and angriness in ourselves.

Regardless of the Corona panic, life is the name of ups and downs, gains and losses. The troubling life troubles annoy us and make us lose patience.

Anger- A Natural Human Feeling

Anger is a natural human emotion. No human being is free from this very inbuilt feeling. But remember that anger has negative impacts on mental and physical health. It also causes problems for our near ones. It can even weaken the person’s faith.

Anger- A Satanic Temptation

Although anger is a natural emotion, it is a worrisome evil trait triggered by Satan. The Holy Prophet (SAW) has declared it as the root of all the evils.  According to a Prophet (SAW)’s companion Abu Hurairah (R.A), a man said to the Holy Prophet (SAW).

“Advise me.” He (SAW) replied, “Do not become angry”. The man repeated his request several times, and each time the Prophet (PBUH) told him, “Do not become angry.” (Bukhari)

Holy Prophet (SAW)’s Tips to Control our Anger

Besides this, our holiest Prophet (SAW) has also taught us the amazing ways to control our anger and resulting anxiety from this.

Be Silent and Start Dhikr

When you are angry there is a higher possibility for you to lose self-control and become impatient and thankless. So it’s very important to become silent and stay calm.

Change your Position

Abu Dharr narrated:  Allah’s Prophet (SAW), sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, said to us: “When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down.” [Abu Daud; Book 41, No. 4764]

So it’s advised to come up with this effective anger management direction of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Relax yourself and Make Wudu

Islam directs to fend off your angry mood through positive thoughts.  It is highly advised to relax with positive thoughts. If your anger persists, then make wudu, as the ablution water would surely calm your mind.

Seek Refuge from Satanic Attacks

The Holy Prophet (SAW) once said that I know a phrase which, if he repeated, he could get rid of this angry feeling.” They asked: “What is it, Apostle of Allah?” He replied: “He should say: ‘I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil.'” [Abu Daud; Book 41, No. 4762] So whenever you get angry on something unfavorable, start seeking the refuge of Allah from the devilish Satan.

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