Freelancing in Today’s Era

Corona Virus and COVID 19 have changed the way we live, the way we work and the way we look at things around us and many of these are going to stay as a new way to our being! Nothing can be a bigger boom to “Freelancing” than the current pandemic when the entire world is tied to their homes and the workplace has become a rare sight!

Benefit of Freelancing

  • Work from Home (WFH) could never be understood better than now. Welcoming moment for all those freelancers willing to take this opportunity – market your skills, get noticed and get paid! Freelancing in India is getting even more exciting given the no. of companies taking to Work from Home and the no. of Start-ups that have come up in the country recently. No matter what skills one possesses there’s always someone looking for your service. Freelancing work is now here to stay and grow. 
  • This pandemic has seen companies’ laying-off people and businesses shrinking like ever before, maybe deeper than “The Great Depression” but times have changed, thanks to the freelancing sites providing immense opportunity to everyone willing to grow in their own way – master your own time, effort and cash.
  • Freelancing sites also provides an opportunity for the companies to become leaner and profitable. Companies no longer need to hire someone full time for their non-core business processes but instead hire a professional Freelancer and pay based on work and effort. Hiring Freelancers is easier and trouble free to any entity and does-not burden itself with all other associated overheads. 
  • There are few freelancing websites that allow free postings for all your requirements and then some paid sites that offer added benefits, like direct connect to the freelancers of your desire, etc. This will save the companies from laying-off people during times like this – noting that both hiring and firing takes time and effort. 
  • I know of a company that had employed an English teacher to teach their workforce and just last week got laid-off as top of the list…and guess what the company wants to continue teaching using a freelancer! Similar story with an IT hardware support employee.

India is trending towards freelancing –

India is a growing market for freelancers with diverse skill sets available from across the country. It is fast catching up with the west, in terms of the no. of people willing to freelance and create a niche for themselves to work fulltime in an organization. I have had the opportunity interacting with few people providing freelancing supports is widely diverse field as “Tattoo artist”, “Dancer Teachers”, “Musicians”, “Finance consultants”, etc. they were by far more satisfied with the job they were doing as freelancers than while they were working for someone else – That shows how quickly India is trending towards freelancing! Information Technology or IT off-course is leading in this freelancer’s race with more and more joining the market straight out of college.

For companies in the West, outsourcing IT freelancing to India could be another leverage to optimize their internal costs. Study suggests that more than 30% of IT resources in the US are Indians and think about the costs these companies could save even if a mere 40% of those jobs were outsourced to freelancers in India instead of a full time employee. IT domain skillsets are available in plenty across India and as the freelancing websites are opening up and some providing free access to candidate’s profile – contacting and hiring one could never have been easier.

So, for the companies that are looking forward to driving costs and still get the job done – Post your requirements in some of the best freelancing websites in India and for all those individuals, willing to make it big by yourself – Showcase your skill sets and market your profile in these websites. 

These websites may charge you a fee for getting you the leads and allowing the job providers to connect with you directly – but that will be worth the amount of opportunity you would get from these sites —- Happy Freelancing!