FSSAI Rules for Food Business

Every organization has its own rules and regulations based on which they work. The same is the case with FSSAI; they also work based on several rules and regulations. So if you want to have a look at those rules and regulations that are being followed by FSSAI, do follow this article till the end. Moreover, in this article, we are going to have a look at other things such as FSSAI license, and it’s registration and many more related things.

What is FSSAI?

Although this article is about rules followed by FSSAI, before heading towards the main topic, let us all have a look at what FSSAI is. The full form of FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, and this authority is created by the government of India to ensure better food safety and standards are being supplied all over India. The FSSAI was established in 2006, and its head office is situated in Delhi.

FSSAI Registration-

If you are aware of FSSAI, then you must be knowing that it offers Food license to all the Food Business Operators in India, for that all of those FBOs have to register FSSAI form. Let us have a look at the process to apply for FSSAI license.

  • The first step is to submit Form A, which is the main application to the Food and Safety department.
  • This application will get accepted or rejected by the department by having a look at various elements.
  • In case if your application is accepted, then you would be able to get the FSSAI certificate with the registration number and photo of the user on it.
  • This certificate should be kept inside the office of FBO’s.

FSSAI Rules for Food Business-

Let us have a look at the rules FSSAI has created for Food Business-

  • The first group of rules is regarding maintenance and hygiene of food organizations-
  • The first rule under this category is to maintain the sanitary and hygienic standards. Moreover, the owner on whom the FSSAI certificate is, they would be responsible for any chaos in case of checking periods.
  • They should provide daily records of the production of products, raw material used, and sales records should also be provided to FSSAI.
  • As it is said that quality is the most important factor while working with FSSAI. So you should also ensure that the raw material you are using for the production is of high-quality.
  • All the machines that are used for production and sales purpose should be cleaned regularly for enhanced food safety and standards.
  • You should test the chemicals that are being used for the production of food items from your organization, and this test should be done once in six months.
  • As some food items need to be kept at a particular temperature. So it is ultimately the work of food organizations to keep food products in the required temperature until it reaches the customer.
  • Those food organizations who are the actual producers, it is a rule from FSSAI to them that they should file an annual return every year. Moreover, those food organizations that offer to manufacture of milk and milk products they need to file yearly return half-yearly.
  • It is a strict rule for Food Business Organizations to employ at least one qualified person who can take charge of the whole production process. Although in the case of large organizations, the number of technical employees can increase.
  • The technical employee that you will hire should have a degree in Science with chemistry or Bio-chemistry.

Do you know that FSSAI has given different colour codes for different Food Businesses, some of those colour codes are as follows-

  • Restaurants are given a purple colour code.
  • Fruit and vegetable retail are given a green colour code.
  • Meat retail is given a red colour code.
  • Street Food is also covered under a purple colour code.
  • Milk retail is given a blue colour code.
  • Liquor retail is given a brown colour code.
  • Transport & Distribution is given navy blue color code.

Let us have a look at some of the essential elements that are always there on FSSAI display board rules-

  • The first rule is that every FBO should display their FSSAI license or Registration number. With the help of which customer can verify that you are genuine using the FSSAI website.
  • Consumer feedback system with the help of which consumers can share its feedback directly on the FSSAI App.