FTMO mobile app. How to use?

FTMO Mobile App is specially designed to incorporate all the functions of a client office, while remaining a user-friendly experience. The functional app will be a convenient place for you to manage your FTMO accounts on a daily basis, wherever you are.

Track your way in FTMO and discover ways to optimise your trading strategy right on your mobile phone. The new FTMO mobile app is your best all-round tool. Just download it and check it out. Enjoy!

What is this and how to use?

FTMO has developed a unique two-stage verification process for traders. This process consists of an ‘FTMO Challenge’ and a ‘Verification’ and is specifically designed to identify trading talent.

Let’s say you’re a really good trader and the only thing holding you back is your lack of capital — what do you do in such cases? That’s where funded trading account providers like FTMO mobile come in.

The reason FTMO has managed to survive in the murky waters of stock trading is because they have a detailed valuation process. This is a two-stage process that is solely aimed at identifying talented, resilient and disciplined traders.

Remember, you can be talented, but not disciplined! And as we all know, you need both to succeed in the forex world. Perhaps that’s why FTMO uses a two-step approach to assessment — let’s break it down in more detail.

  • Step one: The FTMO Challenge

This is a 30-day period where you meet FTMO trading targets, which include a target profit of $1000, after which you will go through a verification process. The main purpose of this first step is to assess your discipline and ability to stick to your trading targets.

  • Step Two: Verification

Once you have successfully completed the FTMO mobile app task, you will move on to the verification stage. This involves 60 days, during which you will again have to prove your worth. At this stage you will again be expected to meet the company’s trading targets.

  • Step three: Become an FTMO trader

Once you’ve passed all the stages of verification, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a full FTMO trader. These include the freedom to manage an account of up to $400,000 and the freedom to make decisions. Even so, to make sure you trade in good faith, you are given two drawdowns: a maximum daily loss of $500 and a maximum loss of $1,000.The idea in this case is to prevent the EA from being overactive. And if this happens, the FTMO customer service will contact you and ask you to adjust your EA parameters.

This is another powerful mobile app from FTMO. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it simulates different trading results. It aims to help you predict how much income you will get in the future, based on your current strategy.