Fundamental Factors to Consider When Buying Display Fridges for Sale Brisbane Refrigeration Suppliers Offer


If you are starting up a food business in Brisbane, such as a mini grocery or a convenience store, it is very important to supply consumers with nothing but high-quality products. This will not only make you a go-to source for their daily needs, but it will also keep your profit margins high and your reputation untainted.

This is where having your own display fridges for sale Brisbane refrigeration solution suppliers come in. This will allow you to display your items in the most pleasing manner while ensuring they are of top quality as they are taken out of your shelves.

However, with the many options out there, it could be tricky to choose the perfect one for your business. In this article, we will help you do just that.

Choosing the Right Display Fridge for Your Business

A commercial refrigerator is one of the most expensive purchases that you could make for your business. Here are fundamental factors to consider when you are shopping for one.


For starters, you should keep in mind that there are different types of display fridges for sale Brisbane has today. Here are the options that you can choose depending on your requirements:

  • Multi-Deck Units – With their immense capacity, these fridges are good for a grocery shop or a mini-supermarket. As the name suggests, they have multiple shelves to store a number of food items. They are also good for self-service, where your customers can freely open them and take out what they like to buy.
  • Serve-Over Counters – These attractive fridges are ideal for cake shops and other stores that sell baked products.
  • Counter-Top Displays – These units are designed for displaying small food items at the counter, which customers might add to their purchases before checking out.
  • Bar chillers – These small fridges are ideal for displaying beverages behind the counter.
  • Upright Glass-Door Units – These would be the most common type of fridges that you will find in convenience stores, displaying various kinds of beverages.
  • Under-Counter Glass-Door Fridges – These are also used to store and display beverages. But as the name implies, they are mostly placed under the counter.
  • Patisserie Display Units – Usually, these have stainless steel frames and have a front curved glass to allow customers to peruse patisseries, such as cupcakes and pastries.

Depending on your requirements, you will most likely need at least two or three of these fridges in your food business.

Your Store’s Available Space

Before you finalise your decision on a commercial fridge for sale Melbourne or Brisbane has to offer, make sure you have already measured the space where you will be placing it. This will prevent you from buying a large unit that does not fit or a very small one that looks out of place.  

The Products You Want to Display


Knowing which type of items you want to store and display in your refrigerator will help narrow down your options in an instant. For example, if you are mostly selling beverages, then you should be looking for a cold drink fridge for sale. On the other hand, if you are selling a lot of frozen food products, then it should be a glass-top chest freezer you need.

On a similar note, you should also take into account the number of items you need to display. Remember—a fridge that is too large will just waste energy, while a small one that cannot properly contain all your items will just result in product spoilage.

Added Features

Some fridges come with additional features that make them more convenient to use.

For example, you can find a commercial fridge for sale Brisbane refrigeration solution suppliers offer that has a frost-free feature, which saves you from the tiresome task of manually defrosting it at regular intervals.

On the other hand, you could also find one with an automatic fast-freeze function, which automatically turns the thermostat off when its content is properly frozen and turns it back on when needed.

Some commercial refrigerators also come with certain designs that make them easier to clean and maintain.

Aside from these, there are still other innovative features in modern fridges that make them a better buy to make.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial refrigerator compressors are an important part of the many walk-in coolers and freezers found in a wide range of businesses. They are vital for keeping food items at the correct temperature, so it is important to know what factors to consider when purchasing one.


The warranty that comes with commercial fridges varies from one manufacturer or supplier to another. So, always double-check exactly what guarantee you are being offered.

For example, some units come with full warranty coverage for parts and labour, while others only cover for parts, which means you are the one to handle the cost of labour should any problem arise with your unit.

Ideally, you should opt for the longest and most comprehensive warranty, as this will fully protect you from unexpected expenses due to mechanical failure in your fridge.   

Final Thoughts

The importance of having your own display fridges for sale Brisbane refrigeration solution suppliers offer for your food business cannot be stressed enough. These pieces of equipment are a great solution to showing off the nice things you have in store while ensuring everything you sell is of high quality.

But again, you should make sure you are buying the right unit for your business. By keeping in mind the factors listed above, you can start on the right foot in buying a display fridge that will give you the best value for your money.

Of course, you should only purchase these pieces of equipment from a reputable supplier that other food businesses trust. This way, you will enjoy great deals, as well as the best warranty and after-sales services.

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