Gear Up: 6 Most Common Builds in Role-Playing Games

Whether you play hardcore or just for fun, one can admit that playing games are enjoyable. Although most can help you with boredom or amuse you for a short while, some games are highly immersive. They can have beautiful landscapes, intriguing storytelling, memorable characters, or enjoyable gameplay. Meanwhile, some survival games, such as Minecraft and ARK: Survival Evolved, allow you to build your base and let you do your thing. And with such enjoyable genres and mechanics, it is no surprise that communities and fandoms of these games grow bigger each year buy league of legends accounts.

Role-playing games, or RPGs, are pretty enjoyable, too. You get to build a character and equip them however you like. But if you are a newbie, you might be confused about what items to pick. So, to help you with your arsenal, such as a Jean Genshin Impact build, here are the six most common roles in RPGs.

  1. Face Head-on Battles as the Fighter

“Sneaking is for sissies.” The fighter is your ideal role if you think like this and prefer straight-up rowdy battles over silent approaches or ranged tactics. This role relies on a jack-of-all-trades stat building; it combines health, damage, and mobility. You could also add a little magic approach to turn your fighter into a battle mage. 

And if you are playing RPGs that mostly feature firearms as weapons, you would pick automatic guns, such as assault rifles and submachine guns. As for your armor, you would likely choose medium-weighed pieces of equipment over the heavy ones. Nevertheless, as a fighter, you can deal damage well while having decent health and speed.

  1. Range Is Your Friend as the Marksman

It is not a surprise if you prefer to attack from afar, and it allows you to deal damage while not receiving it or ending up dying. As such, you should try playing as the marksman, also known as sniper or archer, in other games or subgenres. This role urges you to stick from a distance as you deal significant damage. But on the downside, you can be pretty squishy, have low health or armor, or have limited mobility.

In fantasy RPGs, you would probably pick ranged weapons such as bows, longbows, or crossbows. But in shooting RPGs, although guns are already abundant, you would most likely prefer a sniper rifle. Games such as Fallout 4 may also have other sniper variants, including a laser musket or a plasma gun modified for long-range. But whichever long-range weapon you pick, take advantage of the distance and kite your enemies from afar.

  1. Stealth Is Your Specialty as the Thief

“Why bother raising a ruckus when you can sneak around your enemies?” This mindset opposes the fighter’s quote above. The thief also opposes the fighter and tank (more on this in a bit) roles in mechanics and approach. 

Also known as the assassin, you will rely heavily on silence to slowly but surely eliminate enemies who are unaware of you. But be careful not to make any loud noises! Although you can move quickly and have significant damage, you do not have decent health or the range of a marksman.

In shooter games, you would most likely pick a silenced pistol. But generally, the thief will use a dagger or any light-bladed weapons, both in fantasy and shooter games. After all, a knife will not make any sound unless your opponent raises a ruckus.

  1. Soak-up Damage as the Tank

Perhaps you like the fighter role; however, you think you could use more health and armor. Maybe you also ponder if you can do more damage as well. In that case, you can pick the tank role, sometimes referred to as bruiser. 

Compared to the fighter, the tank can receive more damage due to its toughness, and it can also deal more damage, depending on your preferences. However, it lacks mobility, making you pretty slow compared to the former.

The tank role is equipped with heavy armor to bolster its impressive defense. As for weapons, you could pick large two-handed weapons, such as greatswords, battle axes, and sledgehammers in fantasy games. Meanwhile, shooter tanks often carry explosive or heavy firearms.

  1. Cast Magic and Spells as the Mage

Maybe you want the elements to do the damage for you. Perhaps you want to use spells and incantations as you think your character has the talent to cast them. Well, look no further! Feel free to utilize the mage role so you can wreak havoc using magic.

As a mage, you will heavily use mana instead of weapons or armor to fully and continuously cast spells during battle. Although shooter RPGs are not known for this role, it is the opposite for fantasy games. One example is the Elder Scrolls series, where you have six categories of magic. They include alteration, illusion, destruction, conjuration, restoration, and enchanting, and each has its unique strengths and tricks.

  1. Assist Your Allies as the Support

And lastly, perhaps you want to aid your allies in multiplayer RPGs. Maybe you want to heal them or give them strengthening buffs to prevail better during battles. If you do, then why not pick the support role? Although you may not be the highlighted player during the game’s most intense moments, you can still contribute to your team nevertheless.

One of the support’s most inevitable things is to heal their teammates. It will not be surprising if your teammates are too busy fighting an enemy, and it is where you come in. As a support role, your job is to heal your enemies when they are in low health. Alternatively, you can give them strengthening buffs. Nevertheless, support plays a crucial role for any team.

In a Nutshell

With role-playing games, you can choose whatever role or job class you want as long as it fits your style. Although getting a knack for this genre can be too overwhelming or confusing if you are a beginner, you will eventually get the hang of it. And most importantly, do not forget to have fun!

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