Getting Ramsey would be great for Premier League clubs


The ongoing Premier League summer transfer market is going to end on 9 August 2018.

From the big six to the bottom, every club in England would love to get the crème de la crème before starting their new campaign.

A new sports news update is there in North London regarding Arron Ramsey.

The 27-year-old midfielder has been linked to Chelsea and Liverpool in the recent past.

Many prominent sports news and headlines makers are saying that Ramsey’s transfer is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

It means the chances of getting Ramsey are in the middle for Chelsea and Liverpool.

The current contract of the former Cardiff City star will be over at Arsenal on the 30th of June 2019.

With only one year left on his current contract, it’s pretty obvious that the latest sports news channels are going to link him with several clubs.

However, this current sports news and rumour could be genuine, as Arsenal don’t want to lose their players for nothing like they had done beforehand.

These following things will happen if Ramsey decides to leave Arsenal.

Emery to face a hard challenge

The new head coach of Arsenal Unai Emery, 30, is the one to replace Wanger, 68, after a very long period. Because of his first season at the Gunners, many latest sports news sections will track the aroma of Emery.

This is why losing Ramsey in the coming Premier League season can hurt the aspirations of the fans, who are eagerly waiting to see sports news and headlines writing that Arsenal have become a premium top side.

Last season, Ramsey was voted player of the year by the famous Arsenal fans.  In 24 matches, the Welshmen managed to score seven goals and made it clear to the world concerning his qualities.

Other than Arron, Arsenal don’t have the classical midfielders to lead from front. This very thing makes him even more special.

The former Sevilla and PSG boss wants to hit the nut with a hammer in order to enter inside top four and without Ramsey, this task seems to be too hard.

The perfect one for Maurizio Sarri

Just like Arsenal, Chelsea have also changed their manager. The new head coach of the Blues is focusing heavily to invest in the midfield. After getting Jorginho to collaborate Kante, Sarri is looking to replace the boots of Fabregas.

Many current sports news sections are saying that Chelsea are ready to pay £35m for the Walsh international.

The Italian manager would change the formation of Chelsea from back three to back two.

It means three midfielders can play together. With having two holding midfielders, the value of the 27-year-old will be out of this world.

Sarri mostly prefers to play fast attacking football. It will help Ramsey to make the current sports news in the future if remains fit and joins the local London rivals.

Liverpool will step forward

Sports news update and Liverpool are looking the perfect mates in the present summer transfer market. LFC created too many sports news and headlines by signing some of the best players to create them a true PL contender.

The latest sports news are coming that Klopp can go for Ramsey. The Merseyside under the German boss will always play midfield three. Fabinho and Keita can become the best in the Premier League.

The position of these two looks good for Liverpool, but their third partner Henderson looks not so promising.

If Ramsey comes to the club, then Liverpool will only require replacing Lovren to make themselves the only positive side with the current football news to follow.

Ramsey suites perfectly for the team as he provides a great attacking presentation.

Some injury concerns

This latest sports news personality always has many injury problems. In order to make the big sports news update, Chelsea and Liverpool have to make a plan for making Ramsey too fit to play at least 34 matches.

The age of 27 always makes footballers the attraction sports news and headlines from their consistent performances.  An injury free player will allow the club to present current sports news hanging around him.

Arsenal should convince him

The 13-time FA Cup winners should convince their star midfielder to stay at the club. If Arsenal don’t allow him to leave, then they can lose him for nothing.

Arsenal should make Ramsey so positive. Indeed, it can help their fans to see Arsenal shooting the latest sports news and sports news update with a positive effect.

Chelsea won many titles after getting players from Arsenal, and this thing could happen again with Ramsey’s arrival.