GogoPDF Guide: Convert Your Excel Files to PDF for Free!

The ability of data and technology will not impress its people. There should be an adequate interpretation and final presentation. This is when Microsoft Excel comes in. An Excel document has helped many individuals unlock their data’s worth by making tables, graphs, diagrams, and more conveniently throughout its history.

Nonetheless, getting viruses can infiltrate a system like an Excel document sometimes. Good thing; there will always be ways to access your documents and make them workable by transforming excel files into PDF. It’s still possible by removing the data from the Excel file and turning it into a more put-together PDF file through GogoPDF.   

What Is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF offers an Excel to PDF online converter tool to keep your documents more organized and ideal for archiving or long-term storage. It’s a web-based flexible converter tool made for editing, scanning, developing PDF files. There are more than 20 efficient and high-quality resources built to enhance every user’s competence and progress.

With the help of an automatic network, individuals can begin handling exchanged documents in just a matter of a few minutes. Besides allowing an adequately satisfying experience and excellent customer service, this particular converter tool also turns multiple file-formats besides Microsoft Excel documents.

GogoPDF offers PDF to Word, HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, PDFA, and vice versa. It allows users to convert documents the other way around; not many online converters have this specific quality. You can always visit GogoPDF’s website and explore its features for your future document concern preferences.

How to Convert Any Excel File to PDF

There are only four simple steps to follow to be able to convert your document with GogoPDF. The first step is to upload your selected file into the designated toolbox. You also have the choice to drag and drop the record for a more straightforward method. After uploading, GogoPDF will instantly remove the contents of the file to make your spreadsheets into PDF.

Then, please wait for a couple of minutes while it’s completing the whole process before you can save your PDF file into your device. GogoPDF allows you to share and send your file with your friends and colleagues through email or the shareable link. The link is only valid for 24 hours, but no worries, as you can always ask for a new one.

GogoPDF Features

You can always make your Excel spreadsheets easy to read and scan by converting them into a PDF file. GogoPDF’s Excel file converter is accessible with various functional online browsers across numerous operating systems. It’s recommendable to use Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox pages for a reliable and smoother experience.

With GogoPDF’s Excel to PDF online converter tool, you can have your document completed within minutes. It was never easy and quick to convert PDF files, but with GogoPDF’s system, everything is possible with just a few clicks. Moreover, the Excel format is preserved to the greatest extent whenever you convert Excel to a PDF file.

Furthermore, GogoPDF has an excellent security system. It guarantees its users the documents and data they will be uploading and transmitting will be extremely secured and protected. GogoPDF is SSL encrypted. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that is a standard connection to extra protect your internet’s server.

And the browser that is accessed between two programs. This also prevents the higher risk of getting viruses, dangerous software programs, malware, and any other malicious intent on the web. On top of that, all the files and data that have been uploaded on their system will be automatically deleted after an hour to ease some of your concerns.

GogoPDF Cloud System

This converter tool assures its users that all the alterations and formatting created in your excel spreadsheet will not be gone. It will transform your files precisely to the extent that you won’t need to make any editing after. You also don’t need to worry about your devices’ slowing down.

GogoPDF has its cloud system. It can convert your Excel file to PDF and not eat any space capacity from your device. It enables you to make rooms for more computer storage since you don’t need to download or install any software. A great feature not many know about GogoPDF.

Besides, as long as you have a trusted and reliable internet connection, everything is good to go. You can convert and use any desired tools to match your document’s specification without consuming any of your storage; you can still make space for other essential materials and data as well.


There may be hundreds of online converter tools, but there is nothing like GogoPDF. It provides Excel to PDF converters and allows users to convert their documents into various file formats for free. You don’t have to cut your budget to use GogoPDF.