Gold Coast Luxury Resorts Are Really Delivering

An interesting change has taken place on the Gold Coast during recent months and it’s all thanks to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Whilst the region has long attracted world-class entertainment and events, this one, in particular, has turned the tables.

Despite its obvious growth over the decades, there were still those who considered the Gold Coast nothing more than an overgrown seaside town. The staging of the Games has seen it come of age, earning its place as one of Australia’s most vibrant and cultural cities.

It’s been an interesting journey for this strip of land, with a history dating back some 23,000 years. The first European settlers started arriving in the late 1700s and by 1959 it was officially a city. It’s now one of the fastest growing locations in Australia.

Gold Coast Luxury Resorts

Interestingly, the term ‘Gold Coast’ was considered derogatory by many in the beginning but, as more and more businesses took on the name, it was accepted. However, until now, there was always that undertone of too much glitz and glamour, largely due to the reputation of Surfers Paradise.

Today, the Gold Coast is home to around 500,000 residents but the numbers swell substantially as tourists and business travellers join the throng. No surprise then that the overall quality of Gold Coast holiday homes and resorts has improved so much.

When it was announced that the Gold Coast had won the right to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, it started the ball rolling on a massive roll-out of infrastructure changes and improvements. One of the suburbs to benefit most from these projects was Broadbeach.

Broadbeach Offers Ultimate Dining Experience

Broadbeach is not only home to the best Gold Coast luxury resorts, but also to the region’s most famous eat-street. Just minutes’ walk from fabulous resorts like the Phoenician, Surf Parade offers a plethora of dining styles and cuisines, ranging from budget to gourmet.

With the Commonwealth Games on the way, Surf Parade received a massive makeover, removing traffic and further developing the European-style pavement dining experience. Green, quieter and more relaxed, the precinct put the focus back on great food and entertainment.

Whilst there’s no obvious centre to the Gold Coast, due to its unusual development history, some suburbs stand out more than others. For example, whilst Surfers Paradise still retains its reputation as party-central, Broadbeach is known for its sophistication, dining experiences and safe patrolled beach. It is also where you’ll find fabulous Gold Coast luxury resorts plus unbelievable accommodation deals.

Tourist Spending is Up

So, what exactly can you expect from a luxury Broadbeach resort? The short answer is ‘a lot’. That’s why it pays to check out the online deals, to avoid paying too much. The Phoenician Resort is a 4-Star resort, just metres from the beach, yet it offers great deals all year round. In fact, the long-stay winter deals are so impressive that southern visitors book for weeks or even months at a time.

Australia welcomed a growing number of both domestic and international visitors over the 12 months to 31 May 2018. With that growth came a record spend of $107.4 billion, a 6% increase from the previous year.

In reality, those numbers shouldn’t be a surprise; just look at what the Gold Coast has to offer, including 57km of coastline, 21000 hectares of rainforest, a massive calendar of events, world-class shopping and entertainment and, of course, fine wine and dining.

Knowing all this is within easy reach of the best Gold Coast holiday homes and luxury resorts is a major drawcard for visitors.

Gold Coast Airport Expansion

The good news is that the authorities will continue to pump money into improving this spectacular strip of coast. Having already invested $200 million in the build-up to the Commonwealth Games, the city will continue to build on its reputation.

One such example is the Gold Coast Airport. More than 10 times the Gold Coast’s population streams through the airport every year. Over the next 14 years that looks set to become 25 times the population. As a result, millions of dollars are being invested in the facility to help it keep up and offer an even better flying experience.

This is great news not only for tourists but also for the many business folks who travel to the region. Therein lies another change; more and more business travellers are moving away from booking hotel rooms to staying in Gold Coast luxury resorts. This is due to the resorts becoming more competitive in price and offering more space and better security. The bonus, of course, is the stunning resort facilities.

Without a doubt the Gold Coast has come of age and, if you’ve never visited the region before, now’s the time to do it. Book an apartment in one of the fabulous Gold Coast luxury resorts and you’ll wonder why you never did it before!